A little retail therapy…

… I am a girl. I can’t help it.


Damn you, US stores, with your evil, everlasting sales and coupon deals. It’s really hard to not become a shopaholic in this country.
I dare you to try and live in Europe for a while. General costs of living are cheaper over there, but fun-shopping is a hell lot more expensive.

This weekend I was out running errands, looking for some nice new sandals for J (which I found, mind you!) and could not pass up those deals. I really shouldn’t shop right now, what with the move coming up and many more necessary expenses, but I didn’t really spend more than $60 on all three items, so that’s defensible, yes?

1) Take Out V-Neck High Rib Cardigan. (It’s from Kohl’s, unfortunately I can’t find it on their website.) It’s super-cute with jeans or over a dress and with its short sleeves and tailored fit, it’s perfect for the summer.

2) Timbuk2 Laptop Bag. I found this bag for $15 at Marshall’s. It’s a brand item that usually resales for $80-100 and it was just a real bargain find. I had been looking for a sturdy laptop bag for a while, but wasn’t willing to spend a lot of money on a decent bag.  I think those $15 are a very good investment though!

3) Speechless Surplice Floral Halter Dress. Seriously, this picture does not do this dress justice (and no, it doesn’t have a brown trim on the bottom. I don’t know why the photos shows it with one.  Also, yes, I shop in the Junior’s section. So what?)
It’s so cute and airy and light. I usually don’t go with white/very light dresses, because I am pretty pale-skinned, but with the brown/yellow floral pattern and my brunette hair it just looks very nice.

Have you splurged on anything lately?

  1. Ha, I’m just about to finish a post about things I *wish* I could buy… ;) I’m so broke, I can hardly afford food so no shopping for me anytime soon. But I love the things you bought, and a brand laptop bag for $15 most certainly is a TRUE bargain. Good choice! :)

    By the way, are living expenses really cheaper over here? I can’t really imagine gas, rent, groceries, etc. being any more expensive than they are here… :S (Of course, I only have the Maastricht vs. rural Kentucky comparison. It probably differs between European countries and regions in the US, too, right?)

  2. Funny! Went to kohls myself twice this weekend! Got a pair of sneakers and some dress shoes for j. So yeah and three shirts that I can fit over by belly! They were on sale for $7.99 and I had an additional 30% off. I mean common! :) love bargains and ur finds are super cute!!!!!! Enjoy!

  3. I hear ya on never ending sales and discounts and coupons and membership offers. Gah!

    Sweets and I just went shopping over the weekend. I got a couple pairs of pants, a couple tops and a couple dresses (2 for a wedding, so one dress will be returned soon).

  4. oh i love me some retail therapy and you certainly deserve it. i’m sure you look gorgeous in the dress & cardigan! <3

  5. LOVE this dress, hey. I’ve been on a dress hunt + finding something that isn’t outrageously floral that is flattering is providing something of a mission!

  6. Great finds! I really love the dress. So summery and free-wheeling!

  7. This country is total shopping heaven, or hell, if you’re on a budget. I try not to shop too much or too often, but we are bombarded with sales, offers, coupons and the sort. What can a girl do? ;)

  8. I splurged on outlet shopping last weekend – a bomber jacket, two dresses, two pairs of shoes (Sperrys! And Oxfords!), a pair of shorts, a robe… yeah, I guess I got a little but out of control, but THEY WERE ON SALE and MY TAX RETURN CAME… I’m really impressed that you found a Timbuk2 bag for $15! Maybe I should check out my local Marshall’s?? And that dress is great.

  9. That cardigan is simple and perfect. I need more like it in my own wardrobe.

    I haven’t been splurging a lot lately, but I have done a lot of shopping online. And I always fall into the “spend $50 more to get free shipping” trap.

  10. Oh, I love all three of them!!! And I so agree, this is the land of the shoppers!!! haha

  11. That dress is amazing! I think I might snatch one myself. May I? I have been looking for something yellowish for a while and this looks just perfect.

  12. that dress is so cute! i love it. so perfect for springtime too.

    as for splurges, i may have to splurge on a new ipod soon. and i’m about to go on a shoe binge soon too, so that should be fun, haha.

  13. Heh you are right about it being a bit more expensive over here :) Especially when it comes to athletic shoes but maybe that is all I usually find myself shopping for on a regular basis :) Cute finds though! It has been awhile since I have actually splurged on anything…Oh and I shop in the junior section too :) The other stuff just doesn’t fit right and over here in our PX it goes from Junior section to You must be 80 years old to shop in this section and love lace and flowers. Ridiculous.

    I want that dress! And I don’t even wear dresses!

  14. Retail therapy is the best, isn’t it? I always get that feeling when I leave Marshall’s or TJ Maxx because I almost always find something unique when I go there!

    Love that dress! It’s very summery. If that’s a word :)

  15. Love that dress! It’s so cute! And I shop in the junior’s section too. They’ve got cute stuff!

  16. I love those clothes. I recently went on a shopping trip. I hadn’t bought work-appropriate non-maternity clothes for spring/summer in over 2 years so I had a lot to get. I got some stuff on sale/good deal and some “investment pieces”.

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