Our #quietchristmas

I don’t know if you noticed, most of the pictures I posted on Instragram over the holidays were hashtagged #quietchristmas, because that’s what it was. Quiet.
We’re used to traveling over the holidays and seeing a whole lot of people in a very short amount of time, so staying put this year and not seeing anyone for Christmas was a very different experience.
Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel on Christmas Eve. I had been pep-talking myself for the last few weeks that it would be fine and that we would make it a great Christmas. Different, but great. And you know what? It was.

I am not saying that I didn’t miss hugging everybody on Christmas Eve (and I definitely missed my Dad’s exquisite cooking), but besides feeling a little down directly after my Skype session with my family on Christmas Eve morning (when they were all gathered at my sister’s house), I actually was able to enjoy our quiet Christmas. Sometimes not having any plans IS the plan and it’s not the worst plan one can have.


I decorated our little tree in the morning, I drank copious amounts of gingerbread coffee, I watched “The Holiday” (my favorite) in the afternoon and I put together a “Weihnachtsteller” (Christmas plate) as we would find at my parents’ house and because clearly Christmas is not Christmas without After Eight (and Christmas cookies, Dominosteinen (gingerbread cookies filled with marzipan, apricot jelly, covered with icing of dark chocolate) and toffifee).



I set our dinner table (menu cards included — that’s one of my duties for every Christmas Eve dinner) and we cooked ourselves a delicious three-course meal.

We unwrapped some presents after dinner (because we open presents on Christmas Eve in Germany) and then watched “It’s a wonderful life”, one of our Christmas movie favorites!


We had coffee out of our new mugs on Christmas day morning and then emptied our Christmas stockings that we had filled for each other. Originally we didn’t plan to exchange gifts this year, but I thought it would be nice to combine traditions and have some stockings! We watched more Christmas movies and then later went for a walk through the close-by neighboorhood to enjoy the Christmas decorations. Honestly, I find nothing more festive than seeing the decorated and illuminated trees in other people’s windows!



We had a cozy “second Christmas holiday” on Friday. (J thinks it’s one of the best things about the ‘German Christmas’ that we get a second holiday off (the 26th)and that we should clearly – in the spirit of combining Christmas traditions – acknowledge the 26th as another holiday. Fine by me!

I spent most of the day on the couch reading, knitting and just enjoying the time off.

Last but not least I’d like to thank all of you who sent Christmas cards (and even little presents!) this year. They honestly made this holiday season extra-special. I did send cards, too, of course, but in case you haven’t gotten it yet… I’ve heard that the postal service is taking its sweet time this year (or they are hopelessly overwhelmed with the amount of mail this year — which, I guess, considering the fact that the postal service has been struggling to stay afloat, would be a good thing after all). So maybe you’ll still get a little surprise after the holidays!


I do apologize though that I forgot to snap any pictures of us. Maybe I’ll remember this next year!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas as well, friends.
Thanks for being, in one way or another, part of mine.

  1. Your #quietChristmas really does sound lovely! My parents and my godmother traveled from Italy to spend Christmas week with us, so instead of just us 4 there were *7* (!!) people in the flat. It was madness, though it mostly went pretty smooth, but I am exhausted. So a quiet holiday sounds great!
    Wishing you a great NYE and a fabulous start to 2015!

  2. Thank you for the Christmas card! I always love receiving your hand made cards as they are always so pretty! Your quiet Christmas sounds nice. I am sure it was tough to be away from family but I am glad you and J had a great celebration together. I love that you made fancy menus! That is a cute idea! I was with my family for Christmas but it felt somewhat quiet, especially when the flu moved through and hit multiple family members… Now I am back in Minneapolis and happy to be back in my quiet home. Our NYE celebration will be pretty quiet as we are getting together with friends to play board games, which is an ideal way to celebrate in my opinion. Have a very Happy New Year!!!

  3. Your Christmas looked amazing! A quiet Christmas sounds awesome. Chris and I bounced around nonstop on Christmas Eve and Christmas and we were exhausted by the end of it. :P

    BTW, thank you for the Christmas e-card! <3

  4. Did you get to watch RISE OF THE GUARDIANS?
    When we watched it I had to think about you two and whether you would like it.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Awww this is just so sweet and special. That sounds like such a wonderful Christmas! I’m glad all went so well. :)

    I just ate a lot. Like a lot a lot. A LOT.

  6. Your Christmas sounds wonderful! We had a quiet Christmas too, since we were all sick! Apart from a few hours at Nathan’s parents’ house on Christmas Day, we spent lots of time snuggling on the couch watching Christmas shows on TV while the kids played with their new toys. I loved it! I’m usually on the go all the time so it was great to finally have a little break, even if it was because I was sick. Thanks so much for your Christmas card – I always look forward to receiving yours because they’re so pretty :)

  7. Hey San,
    I am glad you had a quiet and enjoyable Christmas. I love those days where you sleep, eat, watch movie after movie and surf a bit, maybe take a walk. Its the perfect end of year entertainment.
    See you in 2015

  8. That sounds like a lovely Christmas and I love the menu! So pretty and tasty!

  9. Ein sehr schöner Beitrag! :)

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