A Christmas Wishlist

Even though I don’t believe in Santa anymore, it’s always fun to write a little wish list for Christmas every year…  some of these things are totally reasonable and in my future budget, some are just things I kinda dream of, but know they are not necessary right now, but maybe something I’ll get some time down the road.

My biggest wish – as every year – is going home for Christmas and since this is going to happen (in 4 short days!), I am really as happy as one can be! I can’t wait to spend time with family and friends!

Still, it’s fun to share a few things that I’ve been eyeing for a while and that make my heart skip a little beat.


1. Penny Black Hedgy delivery rubber stamp. I am a little bit obsessed with stamps right now. Well, that’s not really anything new, ha.

2. Hemnes 6-drawer dresser. I’ve been in love with this IKEA dresser ever since I first saw it in their catalog several years ago. I know that eventually I’ll have to replace the dresser in my bedroom (which is slowly but surely falling apart) and this is the one I want to replace it with.

3. Owl mug by West Elm. This mug is so simple, but yet so cute!

4. Jototes Camera Bag. In case that camera bag looks familiar… it’s been on my wishlist before (a couple of years ago). I apparently still haven’t gotten it, but it’s still in the back of my mind. It’s so functional and pretty.

5. Madden Girl Gamer Combat Boots. Is there anybody who hasn’t jumped on the combat boots bandwagon? I must say – I love the style, used to own boots like that way back and wouldn’t mind owning a new pair again! 

6. Before Midnight DVD. I love, love, love the trilogy of Richard Linklater’s movies with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy and have seen them many times. I already own the first two movies (“Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset”) on DVD and I want this third one for my collection.

7. MacBook Pro. I currently have a MacBook Pro as a work laptop and I absolutely love it. We have a (relatively new, working) Dell laptop at home right now and I can use my work laptop whenever I want, so I know that a MacBook Pro of my very own is not in my near future, but eventually I’d like to get one.

What is own your Christmas wishlist?
Do you know what you’ll be getting for Christmas?

  1. I have an ipad on my list. My husband works at Apple, Inc., so hopefully he comes through! ;)

  2. Really nice wish list! :)

  3. hurray for heading home for christmas!

    i’d love a new computer as i have currently put ours into overdrive and i think a his and hers computer is about due. i’d also love to take a photography and graphics class. and basically anything from West Elm or World Market :)

  4. My list this year is full of suuuper expensive things, like a Clarisonic face cleansing system and an eReader. (Okay, maybe those things are only expensive to me.) It’s troublesome because Erik likes to spoil me, but I’d rather save our money so we can move in together in the summer!

  5. I kept it quite simple this year.
    There are some books on my list I would love to have and two Charms for my Thomas Sabo Charm necklace. I don’t really want anything big. I prefer smaller packages so I can unwrap more. ;-)
    I saw a T-Shirt I like at the BMW Mini Shop so maybe M remembers that as well.

  6. Ah. You!ll have to follow this up with another post saying which items you received. :). I love reading all your blog goodness and feel like we are kindred spirits. :).

  7. That is a great list! I love that coffee mug – so cute! I posted my list earlier this month. I am hoping to get moccasin-style slippers and noise cancelling headphones!

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