Oh, how Pinteresting! – The Christmas Wrapping Edition


It’s Pinterest-time again – and fitting for the time of year, I am going to share some Christmas wrapping inspiration.  I, for one, like it simple and elegant when it comes to wrapping gifts – that’s why those wrapping ideas with packing paper really appeal to me.

Check them out!


Source: blogs.babble.com via San on Pinterest

So pretty!

Source: bugsandfishes.blogspot.com via San on Pinterest



Source: bugsandfishes.blogspot.com via San on Pinterest

Maps and music sheets – brilliant idea!


Source: myblessedlife.net via San on Pinterest

Wrapped with yarn!


Source: etsy.com via San on Pinterest



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Source: ourlittlebox.com via San on Pinterest

With heart!


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  1. oh goodness i just want to go wrap presents right this instant!

  2. ich hab mir erst gestern packpapier bei IKEA gekauft, werde wie im letzten bild verpacken. einiges werd ich in zeitungspapier einpacken, da haber ich auch mal ein total schoenes DIY gesehen, hab das bild leider nicht mehr, hoffe ich kann’s nachmachen. ganz besonders schoen find ich bild 4, aber ich hab’ keine wolle im haus :(

  3. I love pretty wrapping paper :D This year I made an extra effort to wrap gifts for friends/family in “crafty” ways (well, as crafty as I get. I used a bow!) but for Topher – I made sure to wrap everything really loose so it’s easy for him to tear apart :)

  4. I’d love a Pinterest invite! I recently decided I’d love to try this website out, even though GOD KNOWS I have no time haha :)

  5. I love this! I wish I had a few days off before Christmas so I could do this!

  6. Love all the pretty wrapping paper and embellishments!

  7. I love some of these ideas! Earlier this fall, I saw a similar idea – use brown postal paper for the wrapping paper and cut out the initial of the first name of the recipient in Christmas/holiday wrapping paper. That’s what I’ve done this year and I kinda like it!

  8. I’m so bad about wrapping – I WANT to be artsy, but normally I default to gift bags and tissue paper, ha.

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