Friday Facts



This must have been the strangest of strange weeks in my office thus far. Everybody was in a really weird mood, almost on  the edge this week and motivation was on an all time low. We’ll be starting fresh at our new work space on Monday.

* * *

On Monday was my Dad’s birthday. Another birthday that I missed being there for in person. It plainly sucks. I know a lot of you don’t see their families for every birthday either, but for me it’s usually not even a remote option. Christmas can’t be here fast enough.

* * *

My cousin returned to Germany after a 6-month stint in Australia on Wednesday. I can only imagine the mixed feelings he must be going through. I remember returning from my 6 months exchange semester and thinking I was going home – the place that I knew best – and realized that I came back a different person. Reverse Culture Shock, anyone?

* * *

The Boston Red Sox clinched the American League East title tonight with a 6-3 win over the Toronto Blue Jays. I couldn’t be more thrilled. However, in case you don’t know, if you’re an East Coast Team fan and you live on the West Coast, you’re basically screwed, because none of the remaining games (of the regular season) are shown on regular TV. Fancy that! But we’re good – I just purchased MLB.TV for the rest of the year (a steal for only $9.99) so that we can see ALL of the remaining games online. Now I can’t wait for the postseason/World Series! Could the Red Sox win again for the first time since 2007? I’d say, this year everything is possible!

* * *

Whoever mentioned “Orange is the new black” to me first… thank you. I don’t usually jump on TV shows/series that everybody is talking about, but I  did start watching the first few episodes on Netflix (and now I even started reading the book) and I have to say, I am quite intrigued by the whole thing (and the episodes have been quite entertaining so far). Are you watching?



  1. I’ve heard a lot of people mention “Orange is the new Black” but I have way too many shows as it is to add a new one!

  2. I hope you’ll get the chance to see your family soon! I do know how it feels not to be with the ones you love on special days. I see them every year on Christmas (my Dad’s birthday is on Dec. 24th, too) but because of that I barely get the chance to take some time off work and visit my Mom or my brother on their birthdays (which is hard for my Mom as well, I know, though she’d never say a word…). Kopf hoch!

  3. Living on the otherside of the world from my family, I find birthdays hard, too. Even worse are those not very often celebrated, like graduations of whatnot. When will they invent teleportation devices?

  4. It’s interesting, but it feels like I see my family about as much as you see yours (2-3 times per year), but it’s very clear that you feel so much more removed from your family than I do from mine. Surely the time zone and ocean have something to do with it. Wish birthdays didn’t make you sad.

    I’ve heard great things about Black is the New Orange and hope to watch the season while we’re in Italy (and can’t really see many shows in English anyway). Also, I was bemoaning the fact we’d be in Italy during post season. And, since it’s looking like my Cardinals will be marching into the post-season, too, purchasing MLB.TV might be a great way to watch them play while we’re gone … hmmmmm…. thanks for the idea!

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