The miracle of children’s laugh…

it can really cheer you up. My sister asked me on Monday if I could go to school with her on Tuesday morning and fill in for one of her colleagues who usually helps her with the swim class. As a teacher, you’re not allowed to go swimming with a large group of kids on your own, but you need someone to accompany you for safety reasons. Usually it should be someone with a lifeguard license and since I have one, I was the first person she called :)
I had to get up at 6:45 a.m. (don’t know how I managed since I stayed up till 1 a.m. again the night before) and Nina picked me up at 7 a.m. She told me that her class is totally excited that I am coming! They had asked if I would come and visit them again since the summer. Some of them were not shy at all and were running towards me at once and held on to my arms and legs :) so cute!
The swim class was fun… we were in the non-swimmer pool and Nina had prepared a programm of water games. The kids had to dive for objects, we played a relay game and some game called “Waschstraße” where they were allowed to splash around :)
We took the bus back to school and had the breakfast break in the classroom together. I had brought hot tea for Nina and me and we sat among the kids and ate our sandwiches. It really reminded me of the times when we were back in elementary school sitting on these tiny chairs at these tiny tables.

After that, I took the car and made a short trip to IKEA which was pretty close by [and which is ALWAYS worth a trip :)]. Nina’s students didn’t really want to let me go and asked me when I would come back and were clinged to my arms and legs again. I promised I would be back later to pick up my sister and they didn’t let me go before I had promised that I would come into their classroom again. They even suggested that Nina could go shopping and that I could be their teacher for the day :)
I must admit, they were really cute and I liked being there and it definitely distracted me for a while, but once I again I realized that I wouldn’t want to be a teacher every day! It’s a very stressful job and you must have nerves of steel!

I cooked Thai Green Curry for lunch today… something really exotic for my parents who are experimenting cooks, but have never really tried Asian dishes before. It turned out great and my Mom loved it [my Dad has yet to try since he wasn’t home for lunch].

  1. Aww, so cute!! Well, one day you can Jon can have little kids around you. {v} ;-)
    What did you get at IKEA?
    Thanks for posting the recipe. It sounds yummy and I love Thai food! I don’t think I’ll find the ingredients in my town though. ;-) :-/
    Love you!
    Oh and yeah, you should come to Venice!

  2. Thats what I wanted to say… one day you will be a mom and have cute little kids around you :-)

  3. I definitely need to make a trip to IKEA sometime soon again. I am not sure if I have commented on your other entry, so I’ll just write it in this comment:Congrats on getting engaged, and I hope you will figure everything with the visa out and the American authorities won’t get you any trouble.

  4. oh maus, glaube mir ein paar jahre als nanny und kinderlachen kann dich auch nicht mehr erfreuen. lach. oh kannst du fuer mich auch curry kochen? wie lecker bitte!!! NEID. ich LIEBE curry….sniff. gib mir some!!!!! lieb dir.

  5. it’s true. a children’s laugh can make a lot better. if only distract you from too much thinking. hope you’re doing okay, sweets and i can’t wait to see you {v}

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