15: On who I am right now


I am…

… loving that fall is finally here. No, seriously. I love it.

…  obviously color-coordinating my outfits. Do you like it? Heh.

… ready for some time off. I know, it’s a few more weeks until Christmas (though seriously, didn’t it sneak up on us this year? My mind is blown away that it’s already the middle of November!), but I can’t wait get on that plane home in a month!

… looking forward to Thanksgiving and a long weekend next week. It’ll be a quiet one this year for J and me, but I am looking forward to it and using the time for a lot of Christmas crafting!

… excited to get out the holiday decorations and make our place a little festive for the holiday season!

… looking forward to all the holiday shenanigans like Christmas Markets, lights, decorated trees and windows, cookie-baking and card-writing. Can you tell, I am a fan of the holidays?

… enjoying the longer evenings when it gets dark earlier and it’s time to get cozy on the couch with a blanket and a cup of tea!

… giddy about seeing family and friends so very soon!

… really happy from the bottom of my heart for friendship and people who ‘get me’.

… hoping to see some snow this winter. Unfortunately, we won’t be going on a skiing vacation this time, but I still hope to get some snow for Christmas (it’s not too much to ask, now is it?).

… a lazy bum lately and I need to step up my workout game a bit again. I am not sure why it happened, but whenever I interrupt my routine, I fall off the bandwagon completely for a while. Need to fix that.

… lucky that today is my Friday.


  1. I’m so excited to prepare for the holidays! I’m not excited to clean the mess on the floor to make way for the tree though lol

  2. You are fabulous. You forgot that one.

  3. You just reminded me that I need to get my butt in gear and get my Christmas cards done! I always make my own and I usually send them out right after Thanksgiving but this year…I am a little behind! Thanks for the gentle (unknowing) reminder!

  4. What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Mine is the vegetables , the pies, and the turkey and stuffing. Ooops! I guess I love it all!

  5. You will have to have some gluen wine for me in Germany (I probably botched the spelling). When I went to Germany, I flew there on Thanksgiving Day, so we got to experience the Christmas Markets, which are SO cool!

    I am really excited for the holidays, too! I am excited for the yummy Thanksgiving meal, decorating my tree, getting all dressed up and going to a Christmas party, seeing all the houses decorated, and spending more time with my family!

  6. It’s amazing how the last few months have flown by. November seemed like it was barely even here and now it’s almost December and I can’t believe Christmas is happening so, so soon.

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