25: Holiday Card Roll Call

I am doing NaBloPoMo this month. 30 blog posts in 30 days. Come join me. #nablopomo2020

I don’t know about you, but holiday cards are my favorite thing and this year it feels more important than ever to reach out to family and friends and try to make this holiday season extra-special when we all can’t see each other in person. Putting something in the mail seems like one of the only things we actually can do this holiday season (except for video meetings, of course).

As part of my holiday preparations, it is time for my annual Holiday Card Roll Call. If you have been a long time reader of my blog, you already know what this is all about. Every year for the last, oh, gazillion! years, I have exchanged Holiday Cards with some of my readers. Every year, I ask for your addresses, so I can send you a little note in the mail. It’s just a little gesture to give back to each and every one of you lovely people that have been reading (or just started reading) my blog!

All you have to do is fill out this form* and, with a bit of luck (I am not placing bets on the reliability of the Postal Service this year), you’ll find a holiday card from me in the mail in the next few weeks.

If you have received cards from me in previous years, I’d really appreciate it if you filled out the form again, so I can keep better track of any address changes. If you are also in the business of sending cards to people this year, I’d be happy to send you my address in return.

I hope you all have a lovely holiday season despite *all of that is 2020*!

*The form will accept entries until December, 6.

  1. This is always so much fun and I was looking forward to exchanging cards. I need to send mine a earlier this year though.

    1. Thanks for participating again :)

  2. Yay! I filled it out! Will you please tell me your address or shall I wait to get your return address to send you one? :)

    1. Yay – thanks for participating!

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