I want a cat.

I’ve always wanted a cat, but after last night I really want one bad.

My sister and I never had a pet when we were little and the first thing my sister did after she had finished College was to get a cat. As for me, I have moved around too much, twice back and forth across the big pond, to justify getting a pet yet. Right now we’re living in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets. But I am looking forward to the day, when J and I settle into a (semi-) permanent place where we can finally get a cat.

Yesterday, we were almost adopted by one of the sweetest cats I have ever encountered.

We got back from picking up Thai food. When we had parked the car and I was about to open the door, I could see a white cat in the outside mirror. She was walking up the side of the car and when I opened the passenger’s door, she was right next to me and without much hesitation jumped into the foot well. She was not shy at all, rather curious and within a minute or two had jumped up on J’s lab and was nudging him with her head and started purring.

I was about to exclaim “OMG! We’re so going to take that cat home. Look at her, she clearly likes us”, when I realized that she had a collar. I was able to take a quick look at the tag, while she was busy nudging her head against my hand and J’s chest. The tag read “Zao”. What an interesting name!
She had a beautiful face and was so trusting and so soft and cuddly.

I tried to take a picture of her, unfortunately the lighting in the car was bad and she was moving around so much that this is the best shot I could get with my cell phone.


So we sat with her for about 15 minutes, petting her and just falling in love with her. Obviously, we had a really hard time kicking her out of the car again, when we finally decided that we had to go inside and have our dinner before it was completely cold. But J and I both agreed that this neat encounter really made our day! :)

(Ok, and the Thai Food. The Red Curry was delicious! :))

  1. Too bad that you’re not able to get a four-paw-friend right now. I like cats but I’m more a dog person and I’m so happy that I’m always surrounded by them ;) Animals can brighten our life.
    .-= Tanja´s last blog ..Tannenbaumbeleuchtungsfeier / Christmas tree lightning ceremonie =-.

  2. awww cute!! i always read your blogs on my blackberry but commenting is kinda hard from there :) glad to get a daily update from you though, I LOVE IT. have a nice day and it is my turn to have thai food tonight :) love ya

  3. How cute! She looks like she was still a kitten.
    .-= Stefanie´s last blog ..A girl can dream. =-.

  4. Kitties are the best!
    My cats are really super-friendly, but really just to those they live with. I wish they were more friendly and loving to our company, but in a way, it’s nicer for our non-cat friends that they don’t have to deal with a cat jumping on their lap.

    I have a house and lots of room – soon as this kid goes to college, I might be a crazy cat lady. :)
    .-= kaylen´s last blog ..I Just Can’t Do It All… =-.

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