Our East Coast adventure: Cape Cod

This is the continued recap of our 10-day trip to the East Coast … the other parts are herehere and here.

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Thursday morning (7/5), we left Boston for a 36-hour trip to the Cape. I had booked a room at a Bed & Breakfast near Hyannis for a night. I got really lucky, because its a nightmare to find a room for a single night on Cape Cod during the summer. Most places have a 2-night-minimum stay and a lot of places are pretty pricey, too (if you don’t want to stay at the Super 8 or Howard Johnson – which, however, are almost as expensive as some of the ‘cheaper’ B&B’s and I’d much rather spend a little more money on a nice experience than just a “place to sleep”.)

On our way down the coast, we stopped in Plymouth to take a peek at “Plymouth Rock” and the “Mayflower II”. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and after a quick breakfast at a local coffee shop, we hung out at the harbor for quite some time.
Look at this gorgeous, gorgeous sky.




Plymouth Rock



In the early afternoon we continued on to Hyannis and then West Yarmouth, where we checked into the “Inn at Lewis Bay”, literally a block away from the water. Lovely!

Inn at Lewis Bay

Inn at Lewis Bay

The owner was supernice and offered us coffee and freshly baked brownies as a welcome snack and after settling in, we headed up the Cape to our highly anticipated “lobstah dinner”!

J had done some research online and picked out a place in advance. And then, when we arrived at the restaurant, I had a little bit of a déjà vu, because I had been to Cape Cod and this particular restaurant before: with my ex-boyfriend. I blurted out “I’ve been here before” and J was like “What do you mean? When? With whom?”. Ahem. So, I explained and luckily, J is very laid-back when it comes to ex-boyfriend-stories and the like and totally laughed it off as a really unexpected coincidence (“of all places!”).

Moby Dick's

Well, and then they brought out the lobster. Oh my goodness.


It was so delicious. A lot of fun and some hard work, too. J had been teasing me that he was going to pick out a place where I had to pick out my own live lobster, which then would be taken to the kitchen and boild for me. I didn’t want to do that and luckily, we didn’t get that option at the restaurant.

After dinner, we decided to visit an old lighthouse close by.

Highland Lighthouse

Highland Lighthouse


We headed back to our B&B and the next morning were served a lovely blueberry pancake breakfast. Yum!

Inn at Lewis Bay breakfast

We spent a couple more hours at Lewis Bay…

Lewis Bay

… and then headed over to New Bedford to meet up with another URL-turned-into-IRL friend, Erin ♥. We had some yummy Portuguese food and chatted the lunch hour away. It was so great to meet up in person and, once again, confirm that more often than not blogging friends are even nicer in person than behind the screen.
I think, Erin’s boyfriend actually thought we were going to kidnap her or something, but now she’s able to go back and tell him that Internet friendships are real!

Combo Skewer with Shrimp, Beef and Scallops


After we lunch, we headed back north again to Boston for the last part of our trip.


  1. I’m sad I couldn’t get out of work to come meet up for lunch with you and Erin, but so happy you had a great time and enjoyed delicious seafood and Portuguese food :)

    1. We missed you, Kristen!

  2. So beautiful! Looks like something I see in the movies ;) I would LOVE to get to the East coast someday!

  3. First of all, you are a great photographer. These pictures (of all the recaps) are so beautiful.
    Second, I miss you.
    Third, this was such a fun, fun lunch. I was so happy to meet you and your fantastic husband.
    Fourth, I don’ think Mr. O thought you were really going to steal me; I think he just likes to tease me.

    I am so glad we got a chance to meet while you were on the East coast. I’m glad to call you a forever URL and IRL friend ;)

  4. This trip looks so amazing! A vacation to New England is definitely on my bucket list. The furthest north on the East Coast I have been is NYC, so I cannot wait to do this trip some day!

  5. Wow, lady. It looks amazing!! Also, now with all that amazing food you’ve made me hungry – ha! :)

  6. Ha! It’s working now. Google Reader links directly to this post. Hallelujah! And again, I’d love to be there with you…

  7. Those pictures are gorgeous. It looks like you had such lovely weather when you were there. And the Lobster looks delish! I feel like it’s a calorie neutral thing to eat because you work hard getting all the meat out!

    That Inn you stayed in is so cute! One of my URL-turned-IRL friends is from Boston and her family has a house in the Cape Cod area. I really want to go visit her, I just need to find the time to do it!

  8. pretty sure light houses will always be pretty, seriously love the pictures. so fun!

  9. Beautiful place and great photos!

  10. Beautiful pictures! Love the one with the light house!
    That lobster looks yummy (I couldn’t pick one out either) and what a coincidence that he picked this particular place!
    How fun to meet with URL friends! I’d love to do that one day!

  11. I am so jealous of you! I am from Florida, so most of my time have been spent south of Virginia and East of the Mississippi. I spent a month in Connecticut in high school, and I absolutely loved it! Hopefully, I will find my way back to the Northeast sooner rather than later. Somewhere out there is a lobster dinner with my name on it.

  12. Love the Cape. Miss Boston so much…I used to live there. Great pictures! First visit to your blog…

  13. Oh man, I want that lobster!!

  14. WAIT A MINUTE, is that Moby Dick’s in Wellfleet? I don’t know of another Moby Dick’s on Cape Cod and if you made it all the way to the Moby Dick’s in Wellfleet … well, you were all of a few blocks from my parents house!!!! How crazy is that!?!?!

  15. Looks beautiful! My friend has family with a house in Cape Cod and we keep talking about planning a trip up that way – I’ve never been and it looks beautiful!

  16. I’ve wanted to visit Cape Cod for years… It looks so beautiful! AND THAT LOBSTER? Divine!

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