Weekend recap


I had an appointment at the hair salon on Friday. Can you see the change? It was long overdue and besides getting my ends trimmed (significantly), I had also decided a while ago that I wanted to go redhead again for the summer. I used to dye my hair in all kinds of reddish colors when I was in highschool and College. For a while, I experimented with brown, hazel, and highlights, but ultimately I wanted to do something different again.
It’s really hard to capture the actual color, because you need just the right lighting, but I think you get the idea. I am really happy with it.

I went to Costco in the afternoon (because Friday afternoons are perfect for shopping there and besides, who doesn’t like to go to Costco, right?) and then J tried to talk me out of doing our laundry on Friday, but I insisted that we would feel so much better if we just get it over and done with and don’t have to worry about it anymore for the rest of the weekend. As you could have guessed — we went and we were high-fiving each other when we were done (because you know, that is what we do when we get chores done!)

Saturday, I took the car to the shop (the stupid low coolant light came on again) and went to the gym after that. Remember how I said that I could barely run two miles in the park last week? Yeah, easily ran 4 miles on the treadmill on Saturday. I am really at a bit of a loss. Even my Dad – an athlete and P.E. teacher for over 35 years – has no clue as to why I am so weather-sensitive. Trust me, I’d love (and prefer) to run outside, but for now, I want to figure out why I have such a hard time running in the heat.

We ran our errands in the afternoon which always includes shopping here

35/365 Shopping Day.

and then ordered in pizza from the best pizzeria in town. You must know, I am bit picky when it comes to pizza. I am really not a fan of the “thick crust American pizza”, but like mine crispy and thin. Italian style. You know, like this:


{thin crust with pepperoni, mushrooms and jalapenos}

As you all know, yesterday was Mother’s Day and since I couldn’t hang out with my Mom, a family Skype session had to do. At least, I got to see my whole family (including my niece) as they were all gathered for dinner at my parents’ house and it was great to see them all together.

I hung out with Katherine for a while on Sunday afternoon and then made it home just in time for the new season premiere of ‘Sister Wives’. Unfortunately, none of my fellow watchers were online for live-tweeting, but I still hope to catch up with you about the show!
J only ‘allowed’ me to watch, because I agreed that I’d do something else (productive) while watching. He thinks that I shouldn’t waste an hour of my life just watching this “stupid show” (his words, not mine. Can you tell, he’s not much into Reality TV shows?) Silly, heh. While I indulged in my “guilty pleasure”, J cooked us dinner. I might not be a mom (yet?), but I still liked the special treatment!


Other good things this weekend:

strawberries ♥ a nap ♥ reading ♥ sitting on the balcony ♥ grapefruit juice ♥ a revised workout playlist ♥ cute videos of my niece and nephew ♥ tabs for my Erin Condren planner (thanks to Lisa) ♥ ice-cream ♥ air-conditioning ♥

How was your weekend, peeps?

  1. That pizza is killing me! Oh, it looks so good!

  2. Oh, pizza! I’ll have to try making my pizza crust soon again :)
    My weekend was lovely, met friends to play music, so inspiring, fun and simply wonderful!

  3. I love love love the hair color! It is simply stunning, dear!

  4. Love your hair! Great photo. :)

  5. sounds like a lovely weekend to me & adore the hair, so pretty!

  6. The weather is ruining my running vibe, too. Well, more like my allergies. I have never been so eager for spring to end and summer to be here. :P

    I need to eat at Chicago Fire more often!

  7. LOVE your hair! Also, that picture of pizza is making me sooo hungry.

  8. Your hair looks awesome – love the color and the picture of you!

  9. Love the new hair color! And I too prefer thin crust pizza, ala New York :) Chicago isn’t the greatest place though to find it, unfortunately.

  10. Love the hair color!!! Let me ask you…where do you get thick crust pizza? I hate thick crust, but have only really found it (a) if you ORDER it, or (b) in Chicago. NYC/Italy thin is where it’s at! It’s funny that the pizza place in Sacramento is called Chicago fire, when I (clearly) associate Chicago with thick crust.

  11. I can definitely see the difference! The color and cut look great :)

    Mmm, that pizza looks amazing!

  12. Love the color!!
    Sounds like a great weekend to me with yummy looking Pizza.

    What is the short hint about not being a Mommy “jet”? Any plans?

  13. Your hair looks awesome. So does that pizza. You always have such fun weekends. I hope it was relaxing and you have a good week!

  14. Awwww, you’re beautiful! Sounds like you had a great weekend – a good mixture of fun and chores! I’m so with you about the thin vs. thick crust on pizza! It was almost a deal-breaker for Sweets, too. He LOVES deep dish and was so heartbroken to learn I hate it.

  15. I love your hair color! You look gorgeous! And that pizza is killer!
    Hugs xxx

  16. the new color looks great! I love it! HDGGGDL and sorry about my lack of comments lately..

  17. Your hair looks great! And at least you got to talk to your mom via Skype!

  18. You are so beautiful! I love your hair color – it’s actually very similar to the color of mine, I think? Hard to say w/out comparing it in person (and my color is starting to fade as i am starting to get lighter and lighter, which happens in the summer).

    Looks and sounds like a wonderful weekend. That pizza looks delicious. I am more of a thin crust person, too. The thick crust is just too much for me!

    I had a good, productive weekend. I didn’t really do anything socially, which I am actually ok with. I was pretty tired after my trip to Denver so I was content to just lay low.

  19. Your hair looks amazing!

  20. Sounds like a great weekend! I really need a weekend to catch up on errands and stuff like that. The last four weekends we’ve had house guests or been out of town!

    Your hair looks great!

  21. Your hair looks gorgeous!! I love the reddish tint in it :)

  22. I love every single thing about this post. Your new hair color is simply fantastic. That pizza looks incredible too!

  23. Sister Wives is waiting for me on my DVR. After all your talk about it last season, I sat down and watched all of them and have been super excited for the show’s return. I haven’t been able to convince my husband to watch it with me, so it looks like I’ve got to chase him out of the house in order to watch it myself…

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