Six confessions


  • I shared a room with my sister until I was ten. Then we had a room that was divided by shelves/wardrobes, so that we could still hear, but not see each other. (The life of a twin!)
  • I have not read (or seen): Twilight and The Hunger Games. I also don’t know anything about Downton Abbey, Mad Men or The Big Bang Theory. I know, you probably knew that already (and are going “Whhhaaaaat??“)
  • I’ve never gotten my earlobes pierced (only my right auricle when I was 22). Sometimes I have earring-envy.
  • I used to collect boxes of matches. You wouldn’t believe how many beautiful matches in all colors and sizes there are.
  • I have a degree in Physical Education and love all the sports, but I dislike (competitive) swimming. I am basically afraid of water/the possibility of drowning. I had to will myself through the lifeguard certification training (which was a prerequisite to get my degree). Do you know how freaking hard it is to dive 27 yards (~25m), or to swim 328 yards (300m) with your clothes on?
  • I’ve seen “Titanic” at the movie theater 10 times when it originally came out and I am planning to see it an 11th time in 3D. What of it?


Your turn! :)


  1. I also used to collect boxes with matches…and tiny bottles with alcohol and perfume…there is probably still a big box full of junk in my parents attic or basement somewhere.
    And I also don’t really care about Twilight and The Hunger Games or Supernatural/Dr. Who/The Vampire Diaries or anything else on TV that everyone is so crazy about right now. :)

  2. Other than the Big Bang Theory, I’m totally with you on that confession. I don’t tend to jump onto bandwagons – especially ones that scream teenage angst! =)

  3. This is awesome!
    I did read one of the twilight books and watched a little mad men, but i’m totally with you on not being caught up with my pop culture.
    I think its awesome you say Titanic so many times!
    I love swimming, I was a diver on my high school team for a few years! Lifeguard training is HARDDDDD though!

  4. I also have not read (or seen): Twilight and The Hunger Games. I also don’t know anything about Downton Abbey, Mad Men, but Jack and I love Big Bang Theory.

    I had my own room until I was 10 and then shared a room with my sister until she got married 4 years later.

    And I collect wire haired dackel figurines. They are hard to find!

  5. I have not read (or seen): Twilight and The Hunger Games. I also don’t know anything about Downton Abbey, Mad Men or The Big Bang Theory. I know, you probably knew that already (and are going “Whhhaaaaat??“)


    I’ve seen “Titanic” at the movie theater 10 times when it originally came out and I am planning to see it an 11th time in 3D. What of it?


  6. I shared a room with my sister for a LONNNNNG time. That’s just how it went because we would have another room for our desks, like an office/study. My ears are also not pierced, but we already tweeted about that!

  7. I wish I could say I haven’t seen any of Twilight, but unfortunately I have. Couldn’t get through it, though… ha! & I haven’t seen Mad Men or Downton Abbey or the Hunger Games, either,. Have seen the Big Bang Theory, but I don’t find it funny at all…

    haha Keith’s sister saw Titanic in theatres about as many times are you did!! ;)

  8. I didn’t know you were a twin!

    Haven’t read Twilight but I did read The Hunger Games trilogy – don’t worry, you really aren’t missing much. They’re very poorly written and the story is just ok, and totally predictable.

    My mum collected matches for years. When my dad was in the Navy, we traveled all over the place so she has boxes from everywhere. I started my own collection as a result! So fun!

    I grew up swimming competitively and I still get antsy if I haven’t gone swimming in awhile. I think I was a fish in a past life :-)

    I also saw Titanic many, many times. Can’t wait to see it in 3D!

  9. I didn’t like Twilight, I read The Hunger Games, but wasn’t like ‘omg this is the best book ever’. I’ve never seen Downton Abbey, and I tried watching The Big Bang Theory and wasn’t impressed!

    I never knew you had a degree in physical education – not that I would necessarily know that about you! Do you have an engineering degree as well?

  10. so i would like to peer pressure you into watching Big Bang Theory. i’ll forget about the rest, but that show will make your life better, promise, ha.

    as for my confession of the day: i still bite my nails. one day i won’t. but apparently that day hasn’t happened yet, whoops.

  11. I still think you should get your ears pierced. ;)

    My grandma collected matches, too, & we fond lots of beautiful ones when we went through her things last week.

  12. I haven’t seen Mad Men, The Big Bang Theory & the Hunger Games as well and I actually haven’t even heard of Downton Abbey (have to google that in a sec….)
    I love swimming but I am totally affraid of open water….. (too many big white shark movies…)
    I love “Titanic” but will not see the 3D movie due to the fact that only one of my eyes is doing its job!
    I got my nose pierced 27 (in words: twenty seven) years ago! My parents were shocked!
    I am absolutely impatient – today I called the USCIS customer service hotline three times just to find out that they still haven’t set an appointment for my interview yet….. lol

  13. I haven’t read The Hunger Games, either. Or Twilight. I’m thinking of reading the HG trilogy while on my cruise but I don’t know. I guess I’ll see how much I love Divergent since I guess they’re similar storylines… or something like that.

    I *love* the Big Bang Theory but it’s not for everyone. I just love the geekiness of the show. And the writing is pretty spectacular. Much better than a lot of sitcoms!

    But I’ve never seen Downton Abbey or Mad Men, either. Oh well!

  14. And I thought I held the record for the most viewings of Titanic on the big screen, haha! I saw it in theaters about six or seven times when I was in junior high, and have been trying to convince Aaron that it would be fun to see in 3D!

    I definitely recommend reading the Hunger Games series, and The Big Bang Theory is a brilliantly written show :)

  15. aaaand…..what!? you haven’t read Twilight or The Hunger Games? ;) Seriously, you have to at least read The Hunger Games. It took me a while to get into it past the first few pages but then now I’m hooked. I can’t function at work because I really want to read more now (2nd book).

  16. I didn’t know ANYTHING about you from this post! You’re a twin? You have no earrings?!

    I actually have 9 piercings. 4 in each ear (3 ear lobe and a random other in a part of my cartilage) and my bellybutton. And I plan on getting my 10th and final piercing before my 23rd birthday! I just don’t know what yet…

    Also, you must watch Big Bang Theory! I haven’t been addicted, TRULY addicted and in love, with a sitcom like this one since How I Met Your Mother and Friends. Definitely one of the better ones out there, although I’ll admit I’ve found a few more GREAT ones since then!( Happy Endings and Community are two of my recent faves)

    PS: I am so jealous you are a twin. SO JEALOUS.

  17. Do you like swimming in the river/lake/ocean? I find it interesting that you have a degree in Physical Education. Where did you get it? CSUS? I am asking because I went to CSUS and my major was Pysical Therapy with an emphasis in PE, but then I transferred to San Francisco and there the same degree (basically) is called Kinesiology. They only do that so they can make you take more classes (a whole year) and then charge you more.

    Sorry, I got off track! I shared a room with my brother until I was about 10; I have never seen Downton Abbey; I have not seen the Hunger Games or Twilight and I did not get my ears pierced until I was 17.

  18. heya!! I’m visiting from over at holly knitlightly’s! (: I love Titanic… yet I don’t.. its SAD. :(

  19. I haven’t watched Mad Men either and I don’t get the Big Bang Theory at all. In fact, I find it kind of offensive in an awful sexist sort of way.

    My grandmother is moving, has a giant jar of matches and I am over the moon excited that she’s letting me have it. I think it’s an awesome thing I’ll get to keep to remind me of all of her adventures.

    I saw Titanic 7 times in theaters and saw it for the 8th time last week in 3D. I think knowing you’ve seen it even more times than me makes me like you even more than I already did.

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