Things I love Thursday


This week, I am loving…

… that today is a holiday in the US (Veteran’s Day) and that I get the day off. I desperately need it, because I’ve had one hell of a time getting up this week (even though I didn’t even go to bed at an unreasonable time). I am not sure what’s going on, but I appreciate the fact that I can sit here in my pajamas next to the space heater with my first cup of coffee while writing this.

NaBloPoMo. I am excited to post more often. So far it’s been going great. If you have any questions, requests, ideas that you would like me to post about, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment!

… “The Proposal” (which I watched for the umpteenth time the other day). Sorry, I know it’s a chick flick, but it’s funny, witty, cute and I just love Sandra Bullock (oh, and Ryan Reynolds for that matter). I want that movie on DVD (and there are not many movies that I want on DVD.)

… the fact that due to DST ending last weekend, it’ll be light out for another couple of weeks, when I leave the house in the morning. Of course, it’s already pitch-dark when I leave the office, which is the downside, but then again pretty soon, I will leave the house when it’s dark and come back home when it’s dark, so for right now I’ll take what I can get.

… tomato soup. Well, to be honest, I don’t only love tomato soup this week, I always love tomato soup, in fact, it’s my favorite soup of all time. This week the weather has been cooler and I am craving hot soups for dinner.

…  getting my hair cut tomorrow (during my lunch break, because I’ll be working tomorrow). I think it’s only going to be a trim, but who knows what I am going to do and say once I am in that chair?! (Just kidding. Don’t expect any drastic changes. I am still growing my hair out.)

… that today, on 11/11 at 11.11 a.m. (CET) was the beginning of the Carnival Season in Germany.

… instant Lemon tea – imported from Germany after my last trip home. You can drink it hot and cold and it’s so delicious. I know, it’s practically just a whole lot of sugar, so I really try to see it as a  special treat, but when it gets cold outside, I love a hot cup of Lemon tea. It reminds me of home.

What are you loving right now?

  1. i could watch the proposal all the time, such a fun movie.

    i’m loving cider and scarves and sleep, all wonderous.
    .-= katelin blogged this: To my dad- to the Veterans =-.

  2. That Bogart, my grand-puppy (Anneliese’s son) is here so I can puppy sit him!

  3. sounds like a great thursday :-) love “the proposal”

  4. Oh I REALLY want to see The Proposal, but D refuses to watch it with me! I think I’ll have to sneak it onto the laptop and watch it by myself:)
    .-= Emily Jane blogged this: Protected- RANT- That Time I Almost Failed Marriage Prep emilyjaneatlivedotca for password =-.

  5. Mmmmk, I am just going to say it. I am kind of sort of just a teeny tiny bit in love with Ryan Reynolds. Don’t tell my husband.
    .-= Ashlee blogged this: w is for waffles =-.

  6. Ahhh, instant lemon tea. I cut that out of my life when I found out it was 99% sugar. :( I don’t remember if I’ve ever had it warm though. I used to drink it a lot as a kid.
    .-= Karen blogged this: Ego Boosted =-.

  7. “The Proposal” was way better than I expected. I couldn’t talk Andrew into watching it but we saw it on our flight to San Francisco last fall and we both loved it. Such a cute chick flick!
    .-= terra blogged this: Grief is a strange thing =-.

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