More of beautiful San Francisco

I went a little crazy on my birthday weekend and had my DSLR and iPhone camera going at the same time (while my husband was continuously – but lovingly – rolling his eyes at me for taking a picture of practically EVERYTHING. Ha!) And you know what? My DSLR is awesome. It really is. I love it. The picture quality is amazing and it’s so much fun to learn more about settings and composition. I love the feeling of a real camera in my hand. Looking through the view finder. Trying to get the best shot.

But, and here’s the big but: my iPhone + Instagram filters produce some pretty kick-ass pictures that can easily mingle with the more “professional” shots. Take a look! Here are some more pictures of beautiful San Francisco.



Market @ Powell


Coit Tower from Lombard


Picnik collage

Golden Gate

  1. I fear more and more people are leaving their cameras at home. Now I cannot use a DSLR camera because I cannot focus it with my eye problems. All I can do is use point and shot. But I love my Cannon’s and I use them all the time.

  2. The options I/we have with Instagram / Iphone are kinda cool.
    But on trips like the one you just took for your birthday weekend I would always go with the DSLR.

  3. So beautiful! I have not been to San Francisco before but would love to visit. It looks like a beautiful city!!

  4. Beautiful photos!

    You’re right, there’s nothing like holding an actual camera in your hand and composing great shots, but those iPhones do a great job too! I don’t know what I’d do without my phone or my Nikon!

  5. Beautiful indeed! I love using my professional camera too, but the iPhone is so handy and takes such great photos, that I can’t justify carrying all that weight. I think I need to dust it off though and take it out for a spin. I miss the feeling of holding it and looking through the viewer.

  6. Ich will auch ach San Francisco, bitte :)! Und was das Bolle-Lied angeht: Aber sicher kenne ich das. Das wurde früher immer bei uns auf Autofahrten gesungen. Ich konnte alle einemillionen Strophen :)!

  7. I don’t blame you for taking so many pics! San Fran is gorgeous! I went a couple years ago and just looooved it! I wasn’t a fan of all the walking up hills though haha! I love your blog btw! Would you be interested in a button swap?


  8. This makes me SO homesick for my Bay! SF is such a photogenic city.

  9. Nice shots! I’ve always wanted to go to San Francisco. It looks like such a beautiful city. I just got my first dslr camera this year and am loving it for taking lower-light pictures around the house but when I’m out and about on the streets, I’m still using my Canon Powershot.. I absolutely love that little camera that’s tiny enough to have with me at all times, which means more pictures!


  10. Ah, such beautiful photos! I love that city and it looks as though you had a wonderful time! xxx

  11. These pictures are great! It makes me want to head back to SF so bad! It’s such a beautiful city.

  12. Love these shots of my city! :)

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