Things you wouldn’t know: German Sandwiches

A while back, I had started a series that was called “Things you wouldn’t know”, addressing life as a German expat, living in a country far away from home, where one encounters a whole lot of things that are just different.

Some things are significant, others barely noticeable.

Recently, we had one of those situations again where I was told that “we Germans eat weird things”. Well – according to my husband,  that is. And he eats equally “weird” things in my opinion; just for the record. While this is one of the less noticeable examples, it’s still something that we did notice.

So, here it goes : when J (and I am sure a whole lot of you guys!) thinks of sandwiches, he thinks of toast (at worst, ciabatta or baguette at best), lettuce, roastbeef or ham (or some other kind of deli meat), cheese, tomatoes, mayo and mustard.

When I think of a sandwich, I think of this:


German (wheat/rye) bread, butter, natural ham, mayo and pickles.



Not so different, but still different.


P.S. I dare you to try it; it’s really good.




  1. ha which is also why you don’t find regular mustard in a German Subway :)

    1. There you go — easy explanation, right? ;)

  2. pickles are just WRONG sorry – but the ham and mayo on wheat bread…. YUMMMMM! I like a little tomoato on mine too but only if I am eating it straight away…. soggy bread is the WORST offense ever in sandwich terms lol

  3. Both are good with me. I really love German bread over American bread, any day!

  4. I haaaaaaate pickles. I know, worst Jew ever.

    How can you dislike ciabatta?!

  5. This actually sounds kind of yummy to me, haha. I’ve never heard of it before.

  6. Hahaha, there you go! I love that sandwich, in fact now I’m drooling. :)

    That picture is so funny. :)

    Have a happy week. xo.

  7. It’s really funny, the differences in our eating habits! I’d prefer the German version as well….the bread is just so much better!

  8. I’d love your sandwich right now! It’s lunchtime! And German bread is the best. :-)

  9. replace the picles with cucumber for me and we’re on the same team :)

  10. I LOVE PICKLES ON SANDWICHES! I don’t know if it started when I had my first Cuban sandwich or not. But, the crunch and the sour dill taste make a plain sandwich stand out! You’re not weird at all!

  11. This is what my lunches for work are going to look like. :)

  12. I wouldn’t have EVER thought to make this into a sandwich but it sounds delicious…. I love all of those ingredients.

  13. I’m not sold on the butter on a sandwich thing, but I can get behind any sandwich with that many pickle slices on it!

  14. Must admit, I never was big on mayo or pickles (am I a bad German?) – don’t hate them but don’t love them either. I’m down with the rest, though.

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