On another weekend

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Hey peeps, how was your weekend?

We had a nice relaxing weekend with not too much planned. I love weekends that are kind of open when I can do things at my own pace.


Good things this last weekend:

sleeping in ♥ gorgeous fall weather (still warm enough for shorts and sandals) ♥  a nice walk ♥ coffee ♥ fresh German bread from the bakery ♥ blog reading ♥ a trip to Michaels ♥ lots and lots of crocheting ♥ watching movies ♥ skyping with my niece for her THIRD birthday ♥ reading my book (Yay! Really trying to make more time for reading!) ♥ cooking a fall favorite (recipe to come) ♥ pizza with visitors from Germany ♥ Sunday afternoon nap ♥ watching “Sister Wives” in the evening


How was your last weekend?

  1. I LOVE sister wives. So fascinating. BTW, this is one of the other posts I really like. Miss you

  2. Yes, Sister Wives is a secret love of mine. Hubby thinks I’m insane. But I think it is so fascinating!

  3. Can’t believe your niece is three! That seems so grown up already!

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