Oh, how Pinteresting!



Hey guys, it’s Wednesday again! Time to share the best pins of this week!


Source: tumblr.com via San on Pinterest

Oh, who wouldn’t want a backyard like that?


Source: pursuitoffelicity.tumblr.com via San on Pinterest



Source: woman.excite.co.jp via San on Pinterest

Oh my goodness, I want to bake this!


Source: polyvore.com via San on Pinterest

Love these fall colors!


Source: google.com via San on Pinterest

I usually don’t like snake-skin, but those are so pretty!


Source: tumblr.com via San on Pinterest

I LOVE this. My husband did a fist pump on our wedding day… it’s the most romantic thing!


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Happy Wednesday and happy pinning!

  1. Love that quote! It’s great!

  2. oh yes. the quote. so true.

  3. Love the fist pump :)

  4. LOVE THOSE PUMPS. Fantastic shoes!

  5. Awe. Great pics. Love the outfit pic. I would love to wear it.

  6. I am LOVING those snakeskin shoes. Such a cool way to spice up the essential nude shoe. Now, if only I had a place to wear them…actually, I’m seriously missing wearing heels.

  7. That bird is TOO cute!

  8. Awww, that wedding pic is too cute! My husband didn’t do a fist-pump, but he picked me up and spun me around. Also pretty cute. ;)

  9. I can’t have a pinterest because I will become too obsessed with it, but I love seeing other people’s! Pretty sure that house/little garden in my dream!

  10. Aww, the last picture is so cute! Got a picture of your husband doing a fist pump on your wedding day!?

  11. Aw, the fist pump is soo cute!

  12. omg how cute is that little birdie bread thing! LoL.. Pinterest is so great :-)



  13. I love those fall color clothes too, especially the shirt!

  14. Great shares. I love that back yard, the quote is great, and I’m in love with the fist pump picture! :)

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