In which my social life turns from “nonexistent” to “flourishing”

I had the busiest weekend of my life.

Ok, maybe not of my life, but definitely of this year :)

I had something lined up EVERY single day. That is quite unusual.
On Friday, I went to the German butcher shop to pick up some fresh pork belly for the BBQ that was coming up on Sunday! I bought about three pounds altogether (who knows when it’ll be available again, right?!) and froze a third of it.
Then I asked my new “potential friend” if she wanted to grab an iced coffee with me. I parked in an one-hour-parking spot and walking into the coffee shop, we were joking that we might have to check on the car after an hour to make sure it wasn’t marked to avoid a ticket.

We sat outside in a little Biergarten-like setting, the sun was shining, people were hanging out playing Chess, birds were singing, I sipped my iced coffee, we talked… and talked, and talked some more, and then, when I checked my watch for the first time, it was 3,5 hours later *gasp* (imagine our shocked faces!)
Needless to mention, we had totally forgotten about the car and the one-hour parking.

The Parking God, however, seemed to be sympathetic to us that day, because I didn’t get a ticket (which I’d like to see as a good sign).

Friday night, we watched the finale of the “X-Files” series. I have to admit, I was feeling very sad that we’re completely done with it. I’ve come to look forward to our “X-fest” (as J liked to call it) nights. What now? What other series can you guys recommend (please don’t say any of the following, because J and I refuse to watch them “Lost”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Desperate Housewives”, “House”… can’t tell you exactly why.)

Saturday morning, I met with an old friend whatever-you-might-call-someone-that-you’ve-known-for-a-few-years-back-from-College-but-have-only-kept-up-with-irregularly-in-the-last-three-years for breakfast. A and I hadn’t seen each other in over two years and it was quite nice to catch up. We only live about 30 minutes from each other now and I have no idea why it’s taken us so long to finally get together again (well, in fact, I know why, but whatever).
We went to a second-hand bookstore after breakfast and then spent about two hours touring the “Crocker Art Museum“. I had always meant to go there, and hadn’t managed to go until last weekend. It was amazing.

I ran some errands in the afternoon and then J and I watched the “X-Files” movie (that came out last summer) in the evening. While I kinda liked seeing Mulder and Scully again, matured from when the finale was originally broad casted, J and I were both equally disappointed that the movie ZERO connection to the end of the series (despite one or two comments that were made that referred to events from the last couple of episodes). What was Chris Carter thinking?

On Sunday, we met up with two German-American couples for a BBQ. It was 105°F/40°C out here, mind you, but we went to the park anyways and found a nice place with a BBQ in the shade. We had marinated pork belly (yummy!), sausages, vegetable skewers, pasta salad, Mexican salad, bread and tzatziki.

BBQ at the park

BBQ at the park

We all got along really well and hung out for several hours!

I think I had a little bit of a “heat stroke” when we wrapped up and went home around 6 p.m..
I had a headache and collapsed on the couch for a nap, but who cares, we had the best time in a long time! :)

So, how was your weekend? Can you top mine? ;)

  1. You weekend sounds fab and I am happy for you.

    And I can tell you, I had my best weekend in a long time too.
    I play wheelchair basketball for 2 years now and we had play offs all weekend here in Sheffield. That meant getting up at 6 (adrenaline), having the first game at 9, the last in the afternoon, watching and cheering in between. I play for my 3.division club team and a womens team from Manchester. In the last one we did our best but lost. However, we won the 3.division games and are now promoted to the 2.division.
    I can’t even try to describe the electric atmosphere, the fight my fellow team mates and me put in (many of them half my age) and how happy we felt when we won.
    And I felt like this is my place here, felt like home :) I suppose you know what I mean.

    Suggestion for next series: Twin Peaks

    Sorry for the overlong post ;)

  2. that sounds like a really great weekend, lady. i’m happy for you! also, i have NO IDEA why you won’t watch house or LOST. both great shows but whatevs ;) how about “30 rock” ? although i’m not sure that’s out on DVD yet…

  3. wow love it! now i hope you wont be dissapointed with the weekend coming up. haha. all the food sounds amazing! glad you had such a busy weekend and next weekend we will keep you busy :)

  4. The food looks great! Mmmmm, for the pork belly!

  5. Hmmm, I might! be able to top your weekend, if only because mine was spent beach-side with family and hilarious friends. (Recap with pics is up on my site!)

    BUT, with regard to new series and the “what to watch now” question, I have some ideas:

    First! check out the two X-Files movies if you haven’t seen them, because you’ll probably like them, and they should both be available on dvd/Netflix.

    Series I love and highly recommend: Heroes, Weeds, True Blood (there is only one season so far, and the new one starts on HBO June 14th), and to add a little old school to the list: Buffy (The Vampire Slayer). (I do love House, but refuse to get into LOST.)

  6. Aww…I’m so glad you had a fun-filled, social weekend! And, I just realized that pork belly is the mexican food “carnitas” mmm…yummy!!!

    I’m sorry I think you would hate anything I have to recommend to watch…seems we have decidedly different tastes on that end!

    Oh and thanks for letting me call you Sannie :) It just sounds soooo cute, for a sweet friend!

  7. i have to agree with kim, i have no idea, why you would refuse to watch house or lost. well i love grey’s and desperate housewifes also, but i could understand why j wouldn’t wanna watch them. but lost is the coolest thing ever for me.

    i’m glad to hear you had a great weekend. my weekend was pretty busy and nice also. had a girlsweekend and thought of you when i passed by grevenbroich;-)

  8. Well, I spend my first weekend at home with the new addition to our family (he is the cutest baby ever) so that tops yours in my opinion :) but bbq and iced coffee also sounds great, we might do that today (Vatertag)

    As for shows to watch, I can only second some comments here, don’t know why you won’t watch Lost, it took me a while to get used to it but now I like it a lot. Me and my hubby usually watch one/two episodes a night if nothing is on TV. Other shows I like are the new Battlestar Galactica, Jericho (has been on TV here a while ago but only one season, I heard they refused to shoot a second season because of bad viewing rates in the US), CSI Miami or Fringe (new here in Germany but aired last year in the US…it’S a little like X-Files)

  9. Sounds like a great weekend! Have you seen Alias?

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