Oh, how Pinteresting!


It’s Wednesday and that means it’s “pinning” time!


Source: etsy.com via San on Pinterest

So in love with those rings.



Source: etsy.com via San on Pinterest

California loving.


Source: bloombaby.tumblr.com via San on Pinterest

Pig Tails :)


Source: thesartorialist.blogspot.com via San on Pinterest

Love this style of jeans!


Source: jacki333.tumblr.com via San on Pinterest

Simple beauty.


Source: decorpad.com via San on Pinterest

One can dream…

Source: weheartit.com via San on Pinterest

Yep. That.


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Happy Wednesday and happy pinning!


  1. I love looking at these photos every Wednesday! That laundry room is amazing. Is it weird to dream about a laundry room? hehe.

    Also, that last saying? so very true! Something we all need to keep in mind on a daily basis.

  2. That laundry room is to die for! And I always wanted pigtails like that when I was younger – too bad there’s no curl to my hair ;)

  3. If my laundry room was that pretty, I don’t think I’d hate doing the laundry quite as much.

    Can I have a Pinterest invite? Thanks :D

  4. That laundry room is amazing!

    I would love a Pinterest invite, if you have one to spare. :)

  5. Wow, those rings are beautiful! And the laundry….so inspiring…we didn’t quite get to finish our laundry in Germany before we left…great ideas!! Thanks girl! xxx

  6. love that CA sign, those jeans and that laundry room!

  7. I just actually started playing around with Pintrest the other day and I am enjoying it. It could get way out of control for me, there are so many beautiful things around the interwebs. I love those silver rings, a lot. And oh how lovely it would be to have a laundry room that looked like the one in the above picture.

  8. I adore the California picture! I just want to move to California so I can use that picture. ;)

  9. clearly i need that California print. i don’t know where i’d put it, but i need it.

  10. I LOVE that last quote. It’s so true. And the CA picture? Want it!

  11. I really like the rings. Something I’d actually wear.

  12. Those rings are gorgeous!!!

    Thank you so much for linking up!!!

    Michelle @ The Vintage Apple

  13. that little girl with the bows in her hair is too sweet! :)


  14. Someday I want a laundry room like that, all perfect and pretty and glamorous. Maybe then I’d like doing laundry more…


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