It’s not fair

My roommate told me this morning that her Dad is coming to visit this weekend.

Her comment: I’ll have to spend time with him for THREE WHOLE DAYS!

My reaction: So? [Starring in disbelief, shaking my head]

Clearly, the girl doesn’t know how lucky she is that her Dad lives “only” a 6-hour car ride away [in LA] and I told her exactly that. I would be thrilled (!) if I could see my Dad [and my Mom and the rest of the family!] for three days. Even for longer, for all I care ;) It’s really not fair… but then, what is?

Her reply was that she has been living on her own, doing “her thing” on the weekends for too long and that she doesn’t like to adapt to someone else for three whole days… (???!?)
Good luck on finding a man, is all I can say to that.

Oh well, I had to realize lately that not every relationship between parents and their children is the same [the same as mine, that is]. It still kind of a mystery to me.

Anyway, this prompted J and I to think about taking the opportunity of going away for a night. We haven’t decided where we want to go yet, but I am sure we’ll be able to come up with something… there is something to see everywhere around here ;) Let’s call it our belated “Easter holiday weekend”, since we didn’t really do anything special last weekend.

  1. It’s hard. I came from an abusive home. My Papa and Grandma took me to live with them and so my feelings for my parents were and still are very strained. My Papa (the German one) and Grandma were wonderful and I wish they were still with me. I’d give anything for three days with them!

  2. Oh that’s awesome! Vegas Baby? ;-) j/k

    Yeah I wish my parents could come out for the weekend, too. Hmpf! The grass is always greener….

  3. Honestly I cannot really relate. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and I like being with them. But even when we lived in the States, there was never I time when I was sad of having them being so far away. I would have loved for them to come visit. But I was never desperately longing for it. Now that we are here, I only visit every few months for a few days and after that I need my own home again. It’s probably because I have been living away from home for most of my life (due to boarding school and the later events).

  4. i guess every relationship to parents is different and maybe ppls personality or the way they have been raised is causing them to act in certain ways.since i have a close relationship to my mom i can relate to your opinion and i am sure i would even long for it when i would be so far away from my mom and bro and not being able to see them whenever i want. but i guess everybody is different.
    enjoy the time with jon:-)

  5. awww i know what you mean, i would love to my mom every day as well!! well, i guess everyone is different and thats a good thing sometimes! enjoy your gataway! me jealous!!! big hug

  6. Well, guess your roommate doesn’t have a strong relationship to her parents. Sad, but true…
    Hope you will at least have a good weekend with J. :)

  7. While I am glad to see my parents, spending that much time with them in a short amount of time is bound to be stressful… I know that and that is why I am always excited on the one hand and a bit worried on the other at the same time. I just had my parents here the last week and it was nice. But at the same time it was stressful and not always so… pretty. It might depend on how well you get along with your parents when you are spending so much time together. For me it is better to see them frequently but not for too long at a time.

  8. Well my parents are considering (!) now (after four years – friends of my parents told me this,) if they should come over and visit us – to see their grandchildren. Actually since I know they are really kind of thinking about it – I don’t want to have them over. This here is my world and I am scared to have them here.

    They had all reasons to be mad about my move to the States, but after four years they are still not over it. Everyone – and I mean everyone – get the story about this mean and bad daughter who left them alone, who “steal” their money….
    They haven’t called here since Mai 2006 (to Anni’s birthday).

    I wish I would have parents like yours. Who care about their kids.

  9. this is totally not related to your post, but i just came across this:,,20187202,00.html and thought of you. :)

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