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I absolutely love my white iPhone and I don’t really want a case/skin for it, because it’s so pretty as it is, but nonetheless, those gelaskins caught my eye. Aren’t they pretty? I don’t have much experience with skins for cell phones, so can someone tell me if they offer decent protection, or if they’re just pretty?









The case that I am actually using right now is this:

It’s almost invisible and not bulky at all. I love it (and I love the price tag!).

What case do you use for your smartphone?

  1. I *just* got a white iphone yesterday [my FIRST apple purchase!] and got a white & purple otterbox cover for it. To protect it in case it drops. I tend to do that once in a while. And I know the kids will want to use it sometimes [IF i let them] so just in case…

  2. I can’t wait to get my new iPhone, but I’m waiting for the 5 version… :(

  3. I love the second one and the one with the adorable owl! Heh. I have no clue about iPhones or the available cases, though… I don’t use my phone all that much and since it’s not as pretty and expensive as an iPhone, I don’t really care about it in any way. :P I’m kinda jealous of your white iPhone, though, and can’t imagine wanting to hide it under a different case, other than for the sake of protection! :)

  4. It’s been a while since I have commented… time to catch up. Hehe!

    Quite honestly, I’d never go with a skin – just because they don’t offer the protection one might need.

    I swear by those gel, rubber cases. They don’t break and you can get them in a somewhat transparent color, so you can still see the white of your iPhone. :)

  5. Ohhh, I love the second and forth ones. I am still rocking an old school phone without a data plan so I can’t help.

  6. oh i love that first one, it’s so pretty. as for my iphone i believe the brand is incase (so not sure) and it’s bright orange and i love it. although part of me wishes i had a design or something on it. maybe for my next case, haha.

  7. Hi Gorgeous :)

    I love the owl one :) I dont have an iphone, I got the samsung version instead and my case is black with diamonds (well they arent diamonds but they sparkle like diamonds lol) I have dropped it 5 times since I bought it in Feb so they definatley do their job! It only cost $20

    Hope the journal made it safe and sound. I got Greg to post it lol so I am just keeping my fingers crossed lol

    Love ya and hugs to you and J xoxox

  8. Ooh, I’ve never seen these. Pretty! I used a hard, black incase case, which really keeps my phone safe, as I’ve been known to shatter iPhones in the past. Better a dinged-up case than a dinged-up (or demolished) iPhone!

  9. I have never used the skins… they are pretty though. I wish that my iPhone could look pretty, but with kids… one that has previously broken one of my iPhones before, my best option is the ugly bulky Otterbox. However, it beats having pay to repair it.

  10. I have got a Skech Custom Jacket in a pink-red-colour.
    I bought it at the O2 Shop.
    Sadly I can’t find it there anymore, otherwise I would have sent you the link.

    Right now I have it without a case.

    The ones you found look pretty!!

  11. Das mit der Eule ist voll schön!
    Ich habe tatsählich noch gar keine Hülle, ich bin irgendwie dagegen, habe jedoch hier schöne gefunden:

    Lustig ist übrigends, dass ich auch einen Post darüber schreiben wollte ;)
    Eigentlich kein Wunder, bei SO einem tollen Telefon ;)

  12. I love the skin for my cell phone, and in my opinion it offers a decent protection :)



  13. Those are so pretty! I bought a case that I only like a little bit when I got my iPhone back in February, but I’d like something a little more artistic or funky. Mine is pretty boring and the back is a fabic-type material that’s starting to look a bit dirty. I need something prettier, for sure.

  14. I have an iPhone 3G but I absolutely love the iSkin Solo FX that I have for it. They also have them for the iPhone 4 and when I upgrade to the iPhone 5/4s (whatever the name will be), I will probably get one of their cases again.

  15. I just got a new iPhone case from Pencil Shavings – https://www.etsy.com/shop/PencilShavingsPaper (can’t see anything right now since she’s on vacation) but yeah I absolutely love mine! It’s so cute.

  16. I’ve been looking for a new iphone case lately too. I used to work at Best Buy and now that I no longer have the discount it’s hard to bring myself to pay full price, heh heh…

    Nevertheless, I need one! These skins would probably protect well from scratches, just not impacts of any kind. They’re very cute though!

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