So. much. rain.

touch the autumn

To be quite honest, I am a little bit confused.

I should be wearing sandals right now, but I am wearing boots. And long-sleeve sweaters.

Don’t believe a thing, if someone is trying to tell you that it never rains in California. It actually does rain quite a bit in the winter (especially in Northern California), but the rain – and hail, mind you! – that we’ve been enduring for the past, oh, only four days is anything but to be expected. It’s the middle of May, for Peet’s sake!

I think it’s obvious: the weather is officially getting more and more crazy. I must admit though, I am pretty relieved that we’re not dealing with tornadoes or floods like other parts of the country.

Considering the fact that most of the summer will be unbearably hot here in the Central Valley, I should probably shut my piehole right now and be thankful for the fact that we get a few more days with lower temperatures. In fact, I can’t really say that I did not not enjoy curling up on the couch under a blanket yesterday after work sipping a three big cups of tea (even though it made me use the bathroom twice last night) while watching a movie to wind down. I even turned on the heater for a little bit and didn’t feel one bit bad about it.

I did do one good deed yesterday when this little duck family was wandering around in the middle of street in front of our apartment. The little one in the left corner was visibly limping and had a hard time keeping up with the rest of his siblings.

So I shooed them over to the sidewalk, only to realize that the curb was too high for the ducklings to jump up on. The puddle in the ditch was so deep that the little ones actually had to swim, instead of just waddle through it.  I ushered them along to the next street corner (making sure that they didn’t fall into the stormwater sewer) and helped them to cross yet another busy street.  My, what a dangerous ordeal!
I am really hoping that they made it back to the park (three blocks away) that I think they came from.

How’s  the weather been in your neck of the woods?

  1. Oh! Sad, limping duck baby. I hope they made it back safely.

    The weather is crap here, too. Like, cold & rainy & hasn’t felt like spring since last spring… Ooof!

  2. The ducks would be right at home. Lots of cool rain. No sun here!

  3. It’s been crazy here. We had a couple of full blown summer days last week, and then we’re back to cold, rain, wind and having to turn the heat on to make it bearable indoors. Craziness I tell you!

  4. That’s such a sweet story about the ducks! We have tons around my apartment (we have about 3 lakes with apartments surrounding them so it’s inevitable) and they are just adorable.

    I hope the rain clears up soon! I love a rainy day now and then but not nonstop rain!

  5. We’ve had nicer weather these last few days than we thought with temperatures in the 70s and 80s and lots of sun… The only negative: it’s too dry for all the crops…

    I’m sending you some sunshine…

  6. We had some rain last weekend but since Monday it is a bit better every day.
    Yesterday we had 25 degree and sunshine, today we should get about 27. :-)

  7. well, after a few beautiful weeks here in northern germany (which were really early and unexpected) it has been cold and crappy again for a while now. probably about a week – feels like a month. i’m SO ready for summer, yet we turned on the heat at home the last two nights… *sigh* doof.

  8. Aw the duck family and you helping them, it’s TOO MUCH. SO ADORABLE. :) And *so* nice of you. Heh.

    We’ve had a few cold days over here, some rain at night but next weekend is supposed to get up to 30°C in my hometown in Germany, my brother just said, so I don’t even want to know what it’ll be down here in Maastricht. I’ve been confused by this weather as well, it’s pretty much the reason why I’ve been feeling down and uninspired. As you know I LOVE snow and winter and DESPISE summer heat but I’m looking forward to some sunnier days so that I can get out of this gloomy funk I’ve been in! ;)

  9. Puddle ducks!! Adorable :)

    This week has held our first warm day all year… I can’t wait until it stays for good.

  10. Well…the weather in Germany was nice lol why is it so cold here in CA? Besides the fact that my parents keep their house like an icebox. ( That could be most of the cold I am feeling ). Looks like the good weather is coming soon though!

    Those are the cutest little duckies ever, such a good deed you did :)

  11. I had no idea you had written this post when I blogged about rain today :) Too funny. I agree, the whole world is definitely experiencing bizarre weather more and more as the years go on. I’m grateful to have avoided all of the devastating disasters that the rest of the world has had to endure!

  12. Ugh! Can totally relate to the so much rain thoughts. Here in the past 7 weeks we’ve had over 11 inches of rain. The heavy, kind that comes down in sheets and makes driving impossible. Its been horrible. And cold. I want a tan and sunshine. Here’s hoping it comes soon.

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