Things I Love Thursday


This week I am loving…

... those paper hearts garlands.

… my new Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens which arrived in the mail yesterday!

… the people in my life who remind me of what really is important.

… the decluttering of our apartment in preparation for the move. Yeah, I know the stress of moving and all the work it brings with it is usually not really that much fun, but I’ve enjoyed going through some of our stuff and looking at things that I haven’t touched in a while. Also, I love throwing things out that I truly don’t need anymore. So deliberating!

… french fries. I really have a craving for them this week.

… the local Country Music Station. I’ve been cheating on NPR a bit lately and am listening to more music on my way to and from work. Country Music puts me into such a good mood.

… the anticipation of moving to a brandnew place. What I am not loving is the fact that our new landlord is taking her sweet time getting back with more information about walk-through and move-in date. We’ve technically signed the lease for May, 1 and you’d think that it’s about time to make arrangements for moving truck and such. We’re only 10 days away from May.

… mint dark chocolate.

… some reality TV to turn my brain off after work. Newest show that got me intrigued and shocked at the same time:  Extreme Couponing. My goodness :)

What are you loving this week?

  1. I am totally jonsing for a new camera lens. I keep telling Sweets about it, but have yet to buy one. I mean, we’ve got pretty major daycare expenses coming up in our near future. Gasp.

  2. I love the fact I got my car back (I blew off the side mirror backing up last week) and those hearts are seriously cute! Happy weekend!

  3. I love that the book fair is finally over and I get to be at home and get some much needed rest!!
    Happy Thursday!! xxx

  4. the world is all abuzz about this Extreme Couponing show! I love that de-cluttering feeling too. I hate moving with the fire of a thousand suns, but it appears to be the only motivation truly great enough to get me to do a DEEP sorting of all the stuff that accumulates…

  5. Completely jealous of your new lens! Oh and the weirdest thing… I don’t normally like country but I was stressing out over homework the other day and AFN ( American radio over here ) was having a country music marathon and it totally calmed me I can’t stop listening to it. Who am I? haha.

    So exciting that you are almost moving! How far are you from the Co-op?

  6. I love those garlands! They remind me of the union jack ones going up all over London for the wedding next week :)

  7. Do you have friends help you moving? I can’t imagine doing it all on your own.

  8. The itty bitty kitty in my life, the end of the semester coming up, IKEA trips, and long lunches with my grandmother.

  9. Extreme Couponing caught my eye as well. The people on the show are a bit too extreme for me, but it’s sparked a desire in me to start saving money.

  10. Hallo San!
    Wie ich gelesen habe, kommst du ursprünglich aus Deutschland – also hier mal ein deutscher Post ;)

    Ich lasse dir mal liebe Grüße hier und muss sagen, dass mir dein Blog sehr gefällt!

    Ich werd dich nun öfters besuchen ;)

    Lieben Gruß aus Köln,

  11. I have yet to watch extreme couponing but I really want to watch it. It sounds to fascinating!

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