I am the kind of woman…


I’m the kind of woman who will always, always give you the benefit of the doubt, often one too many times. I always believe in the best in people and go to great length to try and prove it.

I am the kind of woman who almost always prefers a night in over a night out. I value meaningful conversations over coffee more than getting drunk at a bar.

I am the kind of woman who likes to work with her hands. May it be assembling furniture from IKEA or being crafty with paper or yarn. Everything that can be done with my hands and results in a finished product makes me soothingly happy.

I am the kind of woman who likes a little bit of girly stuff but who’s perfectly fine hanging out with the boys. I used to have a lot of guy friends when I was younger and I valued their no-drama friendships. I have lovely girlfriends, too, but usually big crowds of girls freak me out a bit.

I am the kind of woman who thinks that every friendship is unique and needs to be nurtured and tended to. Once you become my friend, you will find it very hard to get rid off me again. I am loyal to a fault and will always work on keeping the relationship going.

I am the kind of woman who believes that problems can only be solved if both involved parties are open and honest with each other. Relationships only flourish when there are no misunderstandings and false assumptions messing with it.

I am the kind of woman who prefers a shower over a bath 99% of the time. Every now and then, I crave a hot bath to unwind and relax, but most of the time I am too busy doing other things to take the time for a long bath.

I am the kind of woman who would like to preserve every precious moment of her life in a picture. Sometimes I wish I could put the camera down for a second and just enjoy the moment, but since pictures usually help jump-start my memory, I take my camera everywhere I go.

{inspired by this post by my lovely friend Mandy}

  1. Okay, this is really creepy. San, I think, you and me… WE ARE THE SAME WOMAN. Ahahaha. :D Seriously, I’m completely with you on everything you said. <3

  2. This sounds a lot like me too. It is kind of scary actually. lol

    Great post :)

    Oh and I am writing you back an e-mail right NOW. :) Sorry it took me so long!

  3. Yes, I am usually the type who prefers a night in as well. I LOVE coffee dates. Coffee shops are my one of my favorite places–and there are so many cute and quirky ones here in California. Every now and then I enjoy a night out, but those nights are few and far between. I love getting little glimpses like these into your life! <3

  4. I couldn’t have said any of that better myself! We have a lot in common :)

  5. We’re a lot alike :D I hate showers, though … I’d rather have a bath any day!

  6. I feel so out of place with my current social group because they all like drinking! I’m like let’s play board games and drink tea.

    And showers FTW!

  7. Ha. Some of this is really ME and some of it is really NOT. But a nice insight into your life…

    (I identified with the first, fourth and fifth epsecially.)

  8. Sounds a lot like me!
    Have a wonderful day, liebe San!
    Kuesschen xxx

  9. Amazing how alike we are. ;o)

  10. I’m the same way with my camera and showers. Although if I had more time in the day, I would take baths every day. You are amazing San! :)

  11. I totally agree: Girl stuff is fun but I am not the girly girl myself. You will miss color coded clothes and hundreds of pairs of shoes in my closet. I also don’t own a lot of make-up – barely any. When we go out, I’d much rather hang out with my husband’s soldiers than the wives. It is what it is. :)


    I’m so the same and this post has inspired me to do one of my own!

  13. I had never thought of putting together IKEA furniture as good use of my hands, but now that you mention it, it totally is. And I love it so, so much. I refuse to let Andrew ever put together any piece of furniture because I love it too much to share. :)

  14. You know, it sounds like you are a kind of woman I would love to be friends with (so sad you live so far away) no matter if it is hard to get rid of you then. I’ve only know you through your journal and a bit through Facebook but admit that I really like you. :)

    BUT, I prefer to take a bath, sadly I am mostly too busy for it and can only shower.

  15. you are … one of my best frieds! <3 HDGGGDL!

  16. I adore this post. I read this shaking my head up and down in agreement with most of them. Nights in, camera goes everywhere with me, loves my low key no drama guy friends, ….le sigh. If only we didn’t have nearly the entire country separating us.

  17. Such a beautiful post. I felt like you could have described me in a way that most people don’t even begin to understand.

    I especially loved the part about putting your camera down. I take too many pictures and feel like I forget the magic of the moment at times.

  18. I like you! And I really enjoyed reading this post. I love the fact that you are such a dedicated friend and you work hard to keep the friendship going. Too many people just lose touch with others, and I am guilty of doing that… this reminded me to call or send a letter to some friends I haven’t talked to in a while.

  19. I TOTALLY agree with the one about relationships! Honesty is key in making it work. :-)

  20. You are my kind of woman. I know why we get along so well!

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