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I rarely, rarely get political on this blog and it’s for a reason… but I really hope that you, who live in the US and are allowed to vote, will vote today in the midterm elections.

Because I can’t. Because as a permanent legal resident, who works and pays taxes, you still don’t gain the right to participate in making the decision on who runs this country and who makes the decisions that affect you, too.

I know, politics can be frustrating at best and upsetting and downright futile at worst, but if you’re not making use of your right to vote (which still a very high percentage of people in this country do not – and I wish I could use one of their votes as my own), you’re just aggravating the problem.

It seems ridiculous to me that people who voted for Obama in 2008 are ready to switch to the other side of the aisle again, just because they don’t think Obama is doing a good job. I mean seriously, do you really think that two years is enough time to accomplish everything he’s trying to do, while jumping over the obstacles that the GOP is putting in his way at the same time?

I wish people wouldn’t have such a short term memory – and short attention span and so little patience for that matter.

You know, I get it that the Republicans are still angry that the McCain/Palin-duo didn’t make it into the White House (now you know how the Democrats felt for 8 years!), but simply calling everything Obama is trying to do “socialism” without even giving it a second thought and just voting against everything that he proposes out of principle, is not really the answer.
Just simply try your hand at a little bit of bipartisanship, for god’s sake. It’s really not as scary as you might think. In fact, in Germany, bipartisanship is overall doing a pretty good job at representing minority groups in the legislature.

Make your voice heard. Make your vote count today.

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Every person who can should vote! No matter your political views! Get out there and VOTE!

  2. Same here, couldn’t agree more on this issue.
    Wish I could vote , but I am in the same situation like you.
    EVERYBODY, get out and vote.

  3. I wish I could vote… it’s one of the reasons I am considering applying for citizenship, if I decide I will stay and live here for good. I need to know I can influence the decisions, it’s a matter of principle.
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  4. I agree 100% and I did exercise my right vote today. :)
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  5. San-
    You took all the words right out of my mouth…literally!
    I performed my civic duty and voted today (as I have done in every election since I turned 18). My sister in law is also a permanent resident and feels the same exact way you do. And having her express her feelings regarding not being able to vote only made me appreciate my right as a citizen, that much more!

    Thank you for getting political, it needed to be said :)

  6. I absolutely agree. I don’t live in the US but US politics influence the rest of the world as well. I also think it’s important that everyone votes (or rather, voted) (even though the election result was not to my liking).
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  7. I am so with you on absolutely everything you said. “Because I can’t. Because as a permanent legal resident, who works and pays taxes, you still don’t gain the right to participate in making the decision on who runs this country and who makes the decisions that affect you, too.” I hate this (I’m in the same boat)!
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  8. Your are so right in everything you have said in this post, San! I did vote yesterday for the first time in this country along with my son (he voted for the first time in the Primary’s). That was one of my main reasons to become a citizen. I am a dual-citizen now, like my kids. If you start the paperwork now, you will be able to vote in 2112. If you have questions about the process, send me an email.
    I can never understand that people have the “time” to complain but it’s to much for them to go out and vote. Even if nothing turned out in my State the way I had hoped for…UGGG It makes me even more determined to get involved to volunteer in 2012 again. You can help making phone calls etc. even if you are not a citizen. I did in 2008.
    Looking forward to your daily posts this month :))

  9. Amen :) good post hunbun!

  10. Amen sister! Rock the vote!
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