It’s official: it’s going to be a boy!

Well, I could have sworn I wrote a blog post about the great news that my sister is having a little boy! Apparently, that must have been only in my dreams or something, according to all the ‘surprised’ comments on my last post! I am sorry I obviously didn’t pass on this absolutely fantastic news.

I couldn’t be happier that my sister is having a boy for a couple of reasons,

  • my sister and her husband will have the great experience of raising a girl and a boy,
  • I’ll be the proud aunt of a niece and a nephew,
  • I don’t have to refrain from the fact that Greta is the cutest baby (girl) ever, because my nephew will be the cutest baby (boy) ever!, and
  • we finally have another boy in the family. Hooray!

I got to see a couple of those 3D (?) images that they’re able to produce these days. Holy cow. It’s almost like you took an actual photo of the baby in the womb. It’s amazing!

My sister and her husband haven’t decided on a name yet. I find that terribly difficult anyway. Finding a name for a girl is hard, finding a name for a boy is (almost) impossible.
I am open for any suggestions that I can pass on to the expecting parents… maybe you’re the lucky person whose name they might pick!

Keep in mind, the name should go well with Greta and it should also be a “German” name. (Obviously, my sister won’t give her child an English sounding name – she’s an elementary school teacher and had way too many bad experiences with “foreign” and unusual names. They usually get butchered when you try to pronounce them in German ;)).

  1. YAY!!! Congrats again to your sister and your BIL and to you, the proud aunt!!!

    Our neighbor’s son’s name is Clemens. I love this name.

    I also like Felix, Paul and Anton.
    .-= Stefanie´s last blog ..The German Army Wife. =-.

  2. Congrats! How about Lucas (or Lukas)?

  3. If someone suggest Hansel, shoot them! LOL!
    I like the names Bernd, Ben, Johannes, and my favorite of all? Yes, Curt!
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..Preparing For Turkey Day! =-.

  4. first off (again) congratulations to N+D :) oh and since she’s already named her little girl my all-time-favorite girl name, i might as well tell my favorite boy name: it’s LEO <3
    .-= kim´s last blog ..surprise house warming =-.

  5. Woohoo – Congratulations, again!
    I think Mats or Michel would go perfect with Greta!
    .-= Tanja´s last blog ..Nickerchen / Nap =-.

  6. also congrats from my side to n and d. i am sure they are thrilled. and i am sure dirk will be happy to be able to play fussball with his lil son;-) i think giving a person a name , whatever gender, is really difficult. specially regarding the fact that it has to make sense and sound good in child age but also as an adult. i always liked noah for a boy, but i guess that’s out of the game, if she wants a german name, which is understandable for a german last name. but i also like paul.

  7. Ha ha Maribeth, I just asked my boyfriend about a boys-name that sounds good with Greta and he said: Hänsel. ;-)

    I really like Simon.
    My friend has a little Felix and I really like that name too.
    .-= Steffi´s last blog ..Schwarzenegger and California =-.

  8. I am not sure about this 3d thing. I think I would rather like to be surprised to see him in a couple of months. And it is so expensive.

    A boy’s name is harder, I have to agree. No suggestions from me, I only like my name I picked. Everyone else is Lukas or Paul. But I do like Felix a lot.

  9. yeah all my suggestions would be english. haha. sorry…but you are right finding a name is horrible!!! so excited for the boy addition to your family!

  10. ohhh wie toll! a girl and a boy :) how cute.. ja finde die namenswahl auch schwer, vorallem bei jungs ;) ich mag bei deutschen namen: erik, emil, paul, finn, jakob ohh und was ist mit linus?

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