Summer Goals

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1. Hike up to Delicate Arch. My parents will be here in a little less than three weeks and I am thrilled to be traveling with them. We’re planning on hitting up some National Parks and my favorite destination so far is Arches National Park in Utah. I’ve been there once before and the geology is amazing! Can’t wait to stand at the foot of this amazing piece of geologic architecture again.

2. Read a few pages every day. I know for some of you that might seem like  a modest goal, but I haven’t been reading anything on a regular basis in a long time and it’s time that I’ll make it a habit again… starting with Harry Potter (#SummerofHarry).

3. Plant a couple of plants. And with plants, I mean veggies and herbs. Now that we have a little patio that we only share with our across-the-hall neighbor, I really want to put out some pots with grape tomatoes, peppers, basil, parsley, and such.

4. Take my Dad to a Sushi Restaurant. My Dad is a connoisseur of everything food and wine related and he is a very good cook, but he has a serious lack of exposure to Asian food. We need to remedy this immediately this summer.

5. Spend more time at the beach. We only live about 1,5 hours from the Coast, but we don’t go there nearly often enough. I am hoping to change this.

6. Have more BBQs. Due to the very tiny apartment sans balcony that we lived in for three years, we didn’t have BBQs nearly as often enough as I would like. Now that we moved, I hope to barbecue much more often. In fact, I wouldn’t mind barbecuing every weekend, if I had it my way.

7. Get a pedicure. I know I am making that a big deal, but I usually don’t splurge on stuff like that. Obviously, I can paint my own toe nails and don’t need nobody doing it for me… but every now and then it’s a nice treat and summer is just the time of year to treat yourself. (Besides, I am not very good at French pedicures, so there.)

8. Visit the Farmers Market every week. I loved going to the Farmers Market on Sunday mornings last summer, but even though the Farmers Market is year round, I kind of slacked off during the winter months. I seriously need to get back into a regular Farmers Market routine ASAP.

9. Drink more water. Yeah, that is pretty much an ongoing goal in my life and I am hopeful that by putting this on the list, I’ll keep it at the forefront of my mind.

10. Have fun. Sounds easy enough, right?

What are your goals for this summer?

  1. Drink more water, read more pages, and can more fruits and vegetables!

  2. I’ve been making monthly goals for myself, but my main goal (apart from survival, of course!) is to learn how to relax. With working full-time, taking a class, and being a mama – I’m a huge ball of stress. I want to learn how to be more easygoing and just roll with whatever happens. It’s not really a measurable goal … but one that’s always on my mind!

  3. I love your goals – it sounds like you’re going to have a wonderful summer! :) I’ll second the whole going to the beach more often idea because, WHAT, YOU ONLY LIVE 1.5 HOURS AWAY?? That’s such a luxury! :)
    Drink more water is also on my list, and I’m still waiting for the day I can tour more National Parks in the US… I’ve been to Mammoth Cave and Cumberland Gap in Kentucky and both parks blew my mind. There’s this big “natural bridge” that is so pretty and just astounding – and quite interesting for a geologist, I imagine. ;)

  4. Great goals!! Sounds like you’ll have a fun (and productive) summer! :)

  5. Love these, hey. Especially #summerofharry – that’s so great!

  6. lose weight. sew and stay happy. maybe even happier. :)

  7. love your summer goals ! need to move to ca, so we can hang out together at the beach and have bbq’s :-)

  8. Love your goals and some are mine as well (drink more water, read a book…) and another one is trying to stay sane in all this moving craziness! ha ha
    Hugs xxx

  9. Great goals! I visited the local farmer market for the first time last Saturday & hope to keep doing so, even though it means NOT sleeping in. And I LOVE sushi – hope your dad does, too!

  10. Great summer goals. I made a list a few weeks back too, and I also have going to the beach on my to-do, AND I actually made it there today :)

  11. Drink more water is something I really need to put on my list too, not just for the summer but all the time. I never drink enough, I just don’t feel the need and if I really drink a lot I need to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes, which is totally annoying

    Also need to read more books, I used to read at least one book a week (but that was BEFORE I had kids)

    I want to lose some weight before summer is over, well I want to lose it even before summer started but it didn’t really work

    Do more Crafts and bake/try out more recipes because I found soo many cool things online

    Go to the Pool with the kids more often

  12. Good goals :) Not much better than Farmers Markets and bbq! So great your parents are going to be visiting soon! Exciting!

    My goals…#1 get a job! lol

  13. Spending more time at the beach sounds like a terrific idea! I can’t remember the last time I laid on a beach… probably on vacation a year and a half ago! That’s sad.

    I’m excited to hear about your adventures with your parents. I hope your dad likes sushi!

  14. I love these goals! I think that going to the beach more often is a fantastic idea. Also, hell yes to bbq-ing every weekend (and weekday for that matter). I’m excited for your parents to come visit, that is going to be wonderful!

  15. Ah, these summer goals are the best!! I totally feel ya. Is the beach that close to where you live? I’m just a little bit envious… #sadface

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that you’ll find the time to do these things – at least every now and then. :)

    And yes, I did cut my hair. Thanks for the compliment, honey.

    Here’s to a happy weekend – it’s nearly here. XOXO.

  16. Tolle Ziele – das mit dem Wasser kenne ich. Ich schleppe immer eine Flasche mit mir auf der Arbeit rum – so werde ich wenigstens immer daran erinnert :)

    Zur Pedi- und manikäre wollte ich auch immer mal gehen… aber irgendwie kommt man zu sowas ja nie. Zumal man auch eine Putzfrau braucht, wenn man zu Maniküre geht, sonst lohnt es ja wieder nicht ;)

  17. Pedicures for the summer are the best! They make me feel so, so pampered and pretty.

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