Fall came over night

Let’s bring out the candles, the tea, the blankets! Fall is here and in California that usually means the first rain after a long, hot summer.
Mr. Fall was a little boisterous, too – literally and figuratively.
There was no little drizzle to get us used to the idea of “ah, that’s what rain is like” again, no, fall blurted out a mighty fine thunderstorm with flying branches and leaves and collapsing traffic on Tuesday. Just lovely.

At least we were rewarded with this at the end of the day:

Fall is here! with a rainbow! 

But still,  I am ready for fall. I like coming home after work, heating water for a pot of tea, lighting some candles and listening to the rain patter on the windows. It’s cozy; and it’s just right for this season. October is one of my favorite months.

J’s birthday falls coveniently on this coming Sunday. Last year, the weather was warm and beautiful and we went to a pumpkin patch and picked out two big pumpkins and a bunch of small ones; just to have them sit in our apartment and NOT carve them, ahem. I am not sure if we’re trying to be more successful or not this year. I am leaning towards not getting any pumpkins, like at all. Real ones, that is. We don’t have a porch and also really no other space to put them.
The weather forecast predicts crazy up and down temperatures for the coming days. A scorching 84°F (28°C) for tomorrow (going to get out my flipflops one more time!), 78°F (25°C) on Saturday and down to 68°F (20°C) on Sunday… we’ll see with what kind of birthday activity options that’ll leave us (any suggestions are of course always appreciated!)

  1. First, beautiful double rainbow! Second a Happy Birthday to J. And lastly, nothing is worse than rotting pumpkins and fruit flies. I got a cute ceramic one that I can use over and over. (No flies)
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..Blogging Brings Us Closer =-.

  2. Well fall came here in Bavaria yesterdayt…bringing us the first ligh snow and about 2°C. A week before it was still about 25°C and in Munich they still sat outside in the Biergarten drinking the last Weizen of the year. As much as I like fall, I think we didn’t have a real summer here and I am just not ready for snow yet.

  3. aww, that is a beautiful picture. now our fall is more like freezing, scraping ice off the car in the morning (yes, i confess i have been taking the car because it’s been so cold and windy and crappy…) and getting out scarf, gloves and hat again. *sigh* i still miss summer…

  4. Haha – “down” to 20 C Degrees :-). Gotta love it.
    Have a great birthday celebration tomorrow! Say hi to Jon

  5. I love the fall season and it’s beautiful in Norway too – haven’t seen the rainbow in a while though :-)

    Btw: Here from Maribeth’s. Your most welcome to join us in the Oslo Blog Gathering 2010 too!
    .-= RennyBA’s Terella´s last blog ..Oslo Blog Gathering 2010 Preview =-.

  6. Happy! (almost) Day of Cake, to J. (And yay! Fall. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.)

  7. wow that is warm. so jealous!!!! man it is freezing here! it actually snowed last night! that’s right his birthday is coming up, so is Justin’s :) have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your nice weather!!!! love ya

  8. Today we are back to over 80 degrees – woohoo. The guy in the radio said today “Winter is gone, Summer is back”. Thank God, I don’t like the rain (although we do need the rain here in South California). But we will have a christmas party with “Gluehwein” and “Marzipan”!
    .-= Tanja´s last blog ..Shiloh und ihre Freunde / Shiloh and her friends =-.

  9. that sounds more like summer for us lol. fall came pretty quickly. last week it was still in the 80’s and now it’s like freezing. and next week it should be warm again. that is crazy. so happy birthday to jon and i hope u guys enjoy the day.

  10. Sounds like nice weather! It’s chilly here, you wouldn’t believe it!

    Love the picture, I never can get a good pic of a rainbow or a double.

  11. I love fall. I love the rain. And I love snuggling up in a blanket listening to the rain outside.

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!!!
    .-= Stefanie´s last blog ..Why to become a US citizen. =-.

  12. HAppy Bday J! Hope you have a wonderful day :-)

    Bowling, going to a movie, Any concerts going on at the moment…. and yep thats the end of my suggestions lol Miss you! xxoxox

  13. Maybe a museum or comedy show? Comedy Sportz in San Jose is fun if you’re into improv.

  14. I’m one of those strange creatures that hates/detests the rain!! Go figure I moved back to Dallas where it rains ALL THE TIME…booo!!

    The rainbow is beautiful!!
    .-= Carolina´s last blog ..Insomnia Will Make You Do Silly Things =-.

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