He’s one!

Tom's first birthday
© Bastian Döring (edited by me)

On Monday, my sweet little nephew Tom turned one year old.

One year!

How can that be? He was just a teeny, tiny baby and now he’s starting to change into this little person with his own personality and he’s running around and learning new things every day. It’s scary how fast it all goes.

As always, I wish I could have been there for his first milestone, but as so often, I couldn’t. 6000 miles are not exactly a weekend trip. It was hard not to be there and be able to cuddle him and pinch his chubby little cheeks. Kids change so quickly when you don’t see them for months at a time.

Once again, I have to thank my sister for keeping me ever-present in my niece’s and nephew’s minds. I love when my sister tells me that Greta has asked about me – totally out of the blue. I love when she says “Come on, Mama,  let’s go and visit Sandra” (and then my sister has to explain why they can’t do this). I love when she pets and throws kisses at the computer screen when we skype. Even though I am not there in person, I am still there. I am part of their daily lives. And I can’t wait for the day when Tom says my name for the first time :)

  1. Aw, so cute :D I have a nephew in New Brunswick that I only get to see once or twice a year – he’ll be two in May. But we just booked tickets to go home next month, so I’ll get to see him then :D

  2. He is so adorable! They get big so quickly. My oldest niece is almost in middle school now and I can’t believe it.

  3. One! I can’t believe it! How did this happen? Well, congratulations to your sister and nephew!

  4. Adorable!

    I completely understand this niece/nephew love! I miss mine all the time! Mine, however, does not say my name, boo!!!

    I think he only knows or likes me because I give him popcorn everytime he asks for it :)

  5. Happy Birthday, Tom!
    It’s totally amazing how fast they grow up, next time you’ll see him he might already say your name!

    I’m very sentimental about this at the moment, because we have to buy a new car seat for Simon, convert the pram into sitting position and finally put away his Moses basket since he outgrew all of these things.

    But then again every new phase brings so much joy, so much to look forward to when you see Tom and Greta next time :)

  6. What a cutie pie! Happy birthday to your sweet nephew!

  7. Happy first birthday!!!!!!!! He is adorable!

  8. ohmygoodness he is just the cutest!

  9. That is such a precious sister. It is great that you are so close to your family despite the physical distance between you guys.

    I live pretty much in the middle of Canada and my Dad lives on the east coast and I find even that is hard. Just far enough that more frequent visits don’t make sense. When he was in Toronto, it was MUCH easier to visit a few times a year.

    My father in law lives in a small hamlet (it only has like 4 blocks)one province over and it is a significant drive with a baby and a dog. I think it is approx 8 hours away but when travelling with a baby and a dog, it easily takes more than that.

    So pretty much it takes a day each way to visit either.

    Luckily my Dad comes in for an early Christmas around Alice’s birthday (he conveniently started doing that the day she was born) so he is always here for her birthday party. My husband’s dad has conferences, etc here so he comes a few times a year and will extend it a few days so he can visit before/after.

  10. wow. one already. he’s such a cutie.
    HAPPY (belated) B-DAY TOM! xoxoxo

  11. Aw, happy birthday to your nephew! My nephew is 2 1/2 and it’s so crazy to see him grow up. I almost cried when he came over last weekend and ate a piece of pizza like a big boy, not cut up or anything! LOL.

    I think it’s great how your sister tries to keep you in your life as much as she can. :)

  12. He looks so handsome! Happy birthday little man!

  13. He’s such a handsome little boy! I’m glad you’re able to see him grow up even though he’s so far away. Happy belated birthday to Tom!

  14. Awww, what a handsome little boy! You really do have an amazing family. I’m glad you’re part of their daily lives & conversations!

  15. He’s got the cutest little face ever! Amazing that he’s already a year old!

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