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TGIF! And it’s going to be a good one… first of all, I am going to play. Kristine wants to learn about our muses. This is going to be quite interesting, I guess.

1. SomeTHING (not someone) that inspires you to do what you do. (work, hobby, donate, create..whatever)

Something that inspires me to do what I do...

Nature. It definitely inspired me to study Geography/Geology. I have always – since I was a kid – been fascinated by what nature produces and what I like about Geography is that it combines many different areas [geology/biology/anthropology] that can not really be seen as separate scienes, but have to be seen as ONE.
The picture was taken on a geology field trip through the Southwestern US. Taking the hike up to Delicate Arch [Arches National Park, Utah] was quite exertive, but SO worth it!

2. Something you don’t like to read about on blogs. (yes, you can find a picture to describe this)

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Paris Hilton – and people like her. I despise people who don’t have to work for anything in their lives and who behave like they deserve all the shit that is shoved up their asses [sorry for being graphic].

3. Something that inspires you to write on your blog

Something that inspires me to write my blog

Letters. I’ve been writing letters since I learned how to write. I got my first penfriends by putting an ad in a kids magazine about horses [didn’t we all love horses at some point?]. During my peak time [ = when I was in high school and had the most free time on my hands], I had about ± 40 penfriends. I always loved communicating and meeting new people.

Now in the age of advanced technology [and less free time], blogging has become my primary way of keeping in touch with people. It’s not quite as personal and that’s why I still love to write and receive “real” letters, but I have met very nice people through blogging and everyone who reads my blog inspires me every day to keep writing and exchanging thoughts.

So, did you all play? Let us know :)

And now, I’ll explain why this is going to be a good Friday… because Kim is going to get here tonight, and Ilka will join us tomorrow and we’ll have a great girly weekend together :)

  1. i LOVE the first picture! absolutely amazing. i always think it’s great to hear that people found a job that truly fulfils them and makes them happy. i’m glad you found yours :)

    i wish i could play today but i got so much to do before i hop on the train to see you that it just won’t happen this week :( oh well, i get to hug you tonight so it’s all worth it!

    big *smooch*

  2. Oh- I love the first photo! I think I spy you there at the base of the formation. I’m sure that was a lovely trip.

    Have a great weekend with your friends on their visit!

    Happy SPF and I played too. :-)

  3. I am amazed by the geography of this country also. When you were at Arches I hope you got to Zion and Bryce as well.
    I am sad that real mail is becoming a lost art. Somehow clicking on your email just isn’t as fun as waiting for the mailperson and checking to see if you got anything personal.
    I played too.

  4. @ lisa… yes that’s me at the base of it.

  5. Also being half a geographer I can so hear you on the inspiration. I LOVED Arches, Bryce and Grand Canyon, Zion, Capitol Reef …we had the most awesome trip through the Southwest in 2005. Soon you are gonna live so closeby!
    This Sunday we are going to attend a geological hike guided by a professor in geochemistry on one of the islands of our archipelago . I am so looking forward to learn more about the geology of this beautiful area around here.

    I had a lot of penpals when I was in high school as well, but wasn’t at all as good as you in keeping in touch.

    Have the most wonderful weekend with Kim and Ilka!

  6. That is a great category on stuff you don’t like to read. I am there with you. My green-eyed monster comes out!

    Nice pic of the arch!

    I played.

  7. Cute SPF! Yeah blogging has really replaced a lot of emailing and letters. Convenient though…
    Totally agree about Paris Hilton. Just her face alone is annoying with those half way closed eyes. Yuk!
    Have a splendid weekend with the girls!!!

  8. Almost can’t see you there in the first pic :-)

    I played!

  9. Haha, I just had to laugh. Did you have an ad in “Wendy”? That’s where I got a couple of my penfriends from.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I only barely saw you in that first picture. You’re SO tiny! What a neat shot though.

    As for writing letters and keeping in touch, I try too. You’re right though, email is so much easier. Sometimes I feel like I should try harder to keep in touch.

    Have a great weekend.

  11. I love that first picture! Wow!

    I played!

  12. I can dig your blog inspiration as I used to have over 100 penpals at one time. And like you, blogging is also my way of keeping in touch.

    Thanks for stopping by mine :)

  13. What a beautiful first pic! I love it!

    I hate Paris Hilton too and im sick about reading anything that has to do with her. And its absolutely impossible to me how people can even like her ;-)

    And I didnt know you love handwritten letters!!! Me too! Id muhc rather sit and write a letter to someone than email all the time! We should be “handwritten” pen-pals ;-)

    I also played!!

  14. How true about Paris. I am also sick of Britney and Jessica Simpson too. Oh and Tom Cruise.
    Great Spf. I played too.

  15. I love your first photo; it’s my muse, too (nature)! I played :-)

  16. OMG!! I saw that first picture and I thought you had hacked my computer and took kara’s picture!! lol. She has that exact picture with her standing in the exact spot wearing what looks…hey…wait a minute!! are you my daughter? hee hee.

  17. Really great SPF! Your and my number one were quite similar — love that picture! Have a fun girlfriends weekend! Thanks for stopping by mine.

  18. Great SPF!

    That arch is amazing! And I’m totally with you about Paris Hilton! I’m sorry, I guess I’m just not sure WHY we’re supposed to give a crap about what she does or where she goes! Blech!

    I played too!

  19. hi schnegge, wow paris hilton! ;-) i love her music for some odd reason, so dont be mad at me. hehe. i think you are amzing, i wish i had the time for penpals, how can you handle all this??? wow. and you are married too, that means you should be extra busy, lol, for no specific reason. ;-) i think i am tired, i think i need some rest. so i will go now. enjoy the weekend with kimmi!!!!

  20. Uh oh! I guess I don’t write you enough! I don’t see a letter from me in there!!! :(

  21. I love nature too. Lurve that picture. I really must travel more.

    How awesome to still write letters. I really admire that. Good for you.

    I played.

  22. Hey hey! :D

    ryc: I have the Olympus Camedia C750 digital camera… 40x zoom! I love that thing!

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