Summer goodness


You know what I seriously love about the summer?

It’s all the yummy fruits that are available. In the summer, I could practically live off fruit. Even though California has a huge selection of fruit all year around, there are definitely “seasonal fruits” that are only available for a certain time, like cherries. Oh my gosh!
They are sweet, juicy, and just so delicious!! I haven’t had cherries in forever and therefore I had close to two pounds over the weekend. But hey, how much healthier can a snack get, right?

  1. Our cherries will be ready probably in a week and a half. I can hardly wait!

  2. wow and you didnt have to run to the bathroom every five seconds? I could never eat that many cherries without a giant belly ache. :) looks so yummy. too bad cherries are always so expensive here. did you get my mail? hugs

  3. that pic just made me hungry.:-)but i agree with ute, u better be careful with cherries and the portion that u eat. but i can understand u can’t really stop eating them. but i agree that’s what i love about summer, all the berries. love em.

  4. i totally agree!

    and i LOVE your new layout :)

  5. LOVE LOCAL IN SEASON PRODUCE!! I’m a Farmers Market Afficionado…yeay for summer!

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