It happened again… I got tagged by our fabulous Ulli and what else can I do other than obey to her wishes??


So, she was asking “What’s on your night stand?” and here’s a picture of mine.

My night stand

You can see notes if you click on the image (which will take you over to Flickr).

Here are the people that I tag… Kim (because she needs incentives these days to blog more often ;)), Carolina (because she likes to play!), Katelin (I hope she reads this, because she’s always up for a little tagging game) and Susi (because she hasn’t blogged in over a month!!)… and everyone else who wants to play!

I want to know what’s on your night stand! :) Leave me a comment if you played!

  1. YAY! And the Tigerente! Cute!

  2. YAY…I ♥ being tagged! I will snap the pic as soon as I get home!!

  3. My night stand is totally boring. A clock, tissues and a phone.

  4. OMG…just one more comment!!!
    I just barely noticed that we have THE SAME frosted square lamp from IKEA…NO WONDER WE CONNECTED over the internets :) :)
    OK…I will post my picture soon, I just need to find my camera. Aaaaand…thank you for reading my blog!

  5. I have a lamp on my nightstand. A lamp! This is because I have a wife that has specific areas designated for keys, change, chapstick, wallets… Pretty boring nightstand huh?

  6. Nightstand Post is Done…for your viewing pleasure :) :)

  7. my nightstand’s up, too :)

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