Hello July

I guess I shouldn’t start this month with the question of how it could possibly be July already. That would be ridiculous, right?  

But, just just in case you weren’t aware, the first 6 months of this year have vanished. Poof. Gone. It’s definitely summer here now in the Central Valley and we have the temperatures to prove it. I wish I had a nice, long summer break planned, but alas, I am holding on to my hard-earned vacation days with a tight fist. Are you planning a vacation this summer? Where are you going?

Here’s what’s happening this month:

+ If I can’t take a real vacation, I try to work with what I have. I am so thankful that I have a flexible work schedule and can pretty much move around my work hours as I please. So, I worked an extra day last week so I can take Thursday off, and with tomorrow being a holiday and Friday being my regular day off, I get a 5-day weekend. Woot!  

+ I’ll be running two races this month: I’ll run a just-for-fun 10k at the Davis Moo-nlight Race again and then the SF half marathon (for the third time) later this month. It’s going to be fun!

+ I am excited for a few books that I have lined up for this month and can’t wait to sit in the backyard this weekend to read and sip iced-coffee.

+ I will finish watching the FIFA World Cup although I haven given up on picking a ‘winning’ team, because this is the craziest World Cup in a while. So many of the favored teams have been knocked out one after another. I guess, we’ll find out which team can sneak their way to the title this year!

+ I had long-overdue phone call with a friend back home on Sunday and I am going to see my friend Susi this month, which I am happy about, because girlfriends make the world go round, am I right?

I guess I don’t have much more to say about this month. I am planning for more grilling, ice-cream, and relaxing when I can.

What will your July be like?

  1. Poof. Gone. …..yep, that’s how it is – crazy.
    We haven’t figured out what to do / where to go on vacation yet…. that has never happened before and I don’t like it! I need something to look forward to, especially now that my brain is going crazy with possible life changing things on the horizon.
    wow, 2 races….. you go girl!
    Grilling, ice-cream, relaxing – sounds all good to me!

    1. You need to pick a destination, friend. I know you need some time away.

  2. I’m planning on finding a freezer large enough to fit and I will hang out in it until this awful heat and humidity that is currently terrorizing us goes away. And you thought it was hot when you were visiting! (It’s super worse now.)

    Actually I’m taking two days of leave in July and then two days at the end of August and that’ll be my summer break. But I’m heading out of town both times so even though it’ll be short, should hopefully be fun.

    And yes this is the most insane World Cup!! I’m going to be so sad when it’s over.

    1. Does your new kitchen come with a large enough freezer? ;)

      I am glad you’ll be taking a couple of days off this month!

  3. It’s nuts to me that we’re already in July. My boss wants to have a midyear review, and when he said that I was like, “cool, I guess I have like three months to prepare.” LOL, more like 5 days :p

    Anyway, this World Cup really is bananas this year. I haven’t been watching as much as I’d like but there are still a few games I”m excited to see. I hope it’s an obscure team that wins the whole thing this year, because I like to root for the underdog :)

    Reading outside with iced coffee sounds wonderful. Enjoy! Also, yes. Friends really DO make the world go round :) XO

    1. I literally don’t know where the last 6 months went. NO IDEA.

      The World Cup is bananas. I mean, ok, France has won the World Cup but seeing all the favored teams being eliminated? Crazy.

  4. This year is just flying by and I cannot believe we are in July.
    I’m also hanging onto my leave (taking some later in the year) when the weather warms up. We have something planned for hubby’s birthday later in the month.
    Oh my goodness – the soccer has been so hectic!
    Have a wonderful July and enjoy the weather :)

    1. Well, it makes sense for you to save your leave for when the weather warms up. I always forget that you’re on the “other” side of the globe.

  5. Enjoy your 5 day weekend! July for us is both of our birthdays and an overnight in NYC!

    1. Now that I am replying so late: happy belated birthdays to you and Paul :)

  6. Yes, 2018 seems to be flying by.
    After a series of medical tests early this month, I am off to Cape Cod with Savannah for three days. Then it’s quiet time for me.
    August is also quiet and then September finds me traveling to Virginia Beach for one of Jack’s Army Reunions.
    Time is racing by!

    1. Time is flying by… all we can do is to make the best of every day!

  7. A five-day weekend sounds phenomenal! Ahhh, I’m so glad you were able to do that for yourself. :)

    July for me is a girl’s beach weekend and upping my anxiety meds to help with the more frequent panic attacks I’ve been having.

    1. A girl’s beach weekend. Now I am officially jealous. Have so much fun.

  8. I spent 5 days at my parents lake home. That will be my vacation for the summer. Paul did not sleep well but I handed him off to my mom every morning so I could get some extra sleep which was very nice. July is going to be just plain tough since I return to work and Paul starts daycare on the 23rd (he will be watched by family and friends for the first 1.5 weeks that I am back at work). I know we will get through this transition. I’m just kind of dreading it and worrying about how I will function on so little sleep but I will figure it out!

    1. So nice you had the time at the lake with your family and that your Mom as able to help with Paul.

  9. July didn’t seem very interesting for us either more like getting stuff done. But I booked a weekend away yesterday to get out of the city for a change. Summers tend to be stressful as everyone is on vacay and hubby has to hold down the fort at work (aka you don’t have kids = you don’t need vacay in summer). Reading in the backyard sounds amazing. Looking forward to your book reviews to pick up some for my list.
    Happy July

    1. The downside of not having kids, eh?

  10. This year really has flown by. I don’t know where it went, but it’s definitely gone.

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