Sun, sandals and the beach

Ha, I must admit, that title sounds more promising than what I am going to give you, which simply is my “weekend in SoCal”-recap.

It was nice, warm and breezy. Just perfect. I know why I love SoCal :) 

Here are the facts:

*Got into Burbank on Friday afternoon and was greeted by 80°F. Sweet!

* Went to the Ventura Improv Theater with my MIL on Friday night. How fun. Had never been to an Improv Theater before and it was hilarious. I can highly recommend it.

* Went shopping on Saturday. Do you remember my Steve Madden shoe-crush from back in November? Yeah, found them for a bargain price at Nordstrom Rack. Aren’t they pretty (they’re all black)? And so comfy!


* Went to the beach afterwards, wore my sandals and NO sweater. Heaven in January!

* Had dinner at a small Seafood Restaurant at the Ventura Harbor. Clam Chowder in a bread bowl. Love it! :)

* Saw the old folks (J’s Granddad and Great-uncle) on Sunday morning, ran some errands and were back on the way up north in the late afternoon. Traveling was a piece of cake, because most people were watching the Superbowl yesterday (for which I couldn’t have cared less. Oops.)

So, how was your weekend? :)

  1. Sounds fun – anytime there is sun involved, I’m all over it! I have those same Steve Madden’s and I love them too!!!!!!!!! Funny….

  2. Wow, is it sad that I am more interested in your shoes than I was in the Super Bowl? I guess I don’t fall into the “Man” category huh? I do drink whiskey and love the taste of red meat, does that give me any man points? Anyway, I am jealous of the sun and warm weather. We are getting a snow storm per week here. Its really beautiful when the snow is coming down but the next day when the streets are filled with sand coated much and ice clumps it does not seem as beautiful. Not really a good trade for the sand you are experiencing.

  3. Love the shoes!!! My weekend was non-eventful.

  4. agree with the superbowl who?! :-) Glad you had a warm and sunny weekend!

  5. LOVE the shoes. Very nice!!

  6. I SWEAR I left you a comment yesterday…but it’s not here :( know how my weekend went in Cali and I’m glad you had a chance to getaway to some warmer weather. I used to live in SoCal and really loved it there too! I’m jealous you got to wear flip-flops and I’m stuck in hideous snow attire for a never-ending winter :(
    Love the shoe crush by the way…niiiice!!

  7. Um, hi, those shoes are adorable. As are you. Also: we need to hang out soon. xoxo

  8. oh you gotta love the LA weather, i know i do.

  9. The weather in SoCal is one of the reasons why I’m here! Love to wear FlipFlops – and “winter” is now my favorite season :)

  10. haha. just read my hubbys post. funny. anyway, jealous of the nice weather as well! sniff. send over some sun, well wait we have sun, just no heat. :) nice shoes sweetie, i need new ones too, thanks for reminding me!!

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