In which I have to seriously ask you to keep me away from the thrift stores, or I refuse to take responsibility for my actions

Jeez, thrift stores are addicting. You should be kind of glad if you don’t have them anywhere near you (for me, it honestly doesn’t help that one of them is literally two blocks from where I live). As I am trying to be more money-conscious these days, thrift stores have become my sweet little guilty pleasure.
You don’t have to spend a whole lot of money, but you often find some really nice things… and I’ve been in a “treat yourself”-mode lately.
Retail therapy definitely works for me, and the good thing is that it really doesn’t matter how much something costs. It totally makes my day if I find a book, that I’ve wanted to read for the longest time, for $0.50 at the thrift store.

My new skirt from the Thrift Store.

I found this beautiful skirt at Crossroads Trading Co. (which is more of a second-hand-store, where you can also go and sell your unwanted clothes) for only $8. (It was originally from Target.) I just LOVE the colors and patterns.

New pocketless jeans! :)

Then there were these awesome designer jeans by Citizens of Humanity,  pocket-less mind you!, which are usually well over $100.

Vera Bradley Purse

This cute little Vera Bradley bag (which originally retailed for over $50) was being sold at a thrift store for ridiculous $3.50. What a bargain!

Last but not least, I got something for our apartment, as I had contemplated on Facebook (and it was NOT from the thrift stores!) … I just felt like I had to put some more color into our home. I found those beautiful place-mats at World Market. They kind of match our Kazakh rug.


And another new addition to our living room: a bookcase. Remember how I talked about needing some more storage space? Well, I know, this bookcase doesn’t really provide a whole lotta storage space, but some… at least for my books :) And I just LOVE the color.  To be fair, I didn’t find this gem piece of furniture myself, but saw it on someone else’s blog, but I just had to go and buy one. After all, it was 35% off and fits so well in our apartment :)

New bookshelf!

Ok, so after scrolling up and then down again, I can totally see how that might look like a spending binge to you, but let me tell you that I only spent just about $100 for all those treasures… and if you could see the big smile on my face, you’d know that it was worth every penny :)

  1. Oh I love your haul! Fabulous!

  2. perfect! what a bargain! I am so excited for you! Man I love shopping so much and I cannot wait to decorate the new apartment. lol. book for 50 cent is amazing!!!Miss you sweetpie!

  3. Looks super cute :)

  4. Looks like you found some great pieces!!
    I can’t wait to go shopping in the US. ;-) Only 2 more days and I am on the plain.

    By the way: we arrive in SF on the 23rd and we leave on the 27th at 9 o’clock in the morning.

  5. Yay! Nice finds!

  6. love.thrift.stores.
    seriously I am so with you on the retail therapy and when it comes with a cheaper price tag…even better!

    I LOVE your buys…they are adorable!

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