People exhaust me…

Seriously. Why are some people so damn insensitive and impudent sometimes? I don’t get it. Didn’t their parents teach them manners? Are they freakin’ insensitive on purpose and think that nobody notices?

The Mom of one of the students that I tutor [yes, indeed the same Mom I blogged about before] calls me on Friday morning. I should have had a tutoring lesson with her son last Monday, but when I got to their house, nobody was there. She didn’t even have the decency to call me earlier this week to explain to me why nobody was there on Monday when we had an appointment. She just said that it must have been a misunderstanding and that her son had waited for me at his Grandma’s place. Ok, whatever.
So then she asked if I could come and tutor him on Monday, because he was going to have a math test on Tuesday.
I already made plans with Ilka for Monday [because it’s going to be the last time that I can see her before I leave for the US], so I told the Mom that Monday wouldn’t be a good day for me and that I think that it would be much better anyways if her son would sit down and study for his math test beforehand and that I could come by some time this weekend.
She agreed and told me she would call me back in the afternoon to set a time.

You probably already guessed what happened: I didn’t hear from her Friday, and she also didn’t contact me yesterday. Today I got a text message from her on my cell that the weekend didn’t work out for them and if it would be ok for me to come by Monday night.

Hello? No, it is NOT ok for me to come by tomorrow night. First of all, I expected her to call me Friday, secondly, I am not willing to do her bidding. Thirdly, I am pretty sure her son hasn’t studied for the test over the weekend and I definitely won’t be able to swing my magic wand tomorrow to make him pass his test with a good grade. The Mom was pretty pissed when I told her I won’t be able to tutor tomorrow, but seriously, what are some people thinking?

People really exhaust me sometimes.

The rest of my weekend was pretty good :) I went to [another] soccer game with my sister last night. I must admit that watching my brother-in-law play has definitely increased my interest in soccer. He’s scored quite some goals this season already – you should know that he plays defense, so that is quite unusual, but he always shoots the free kicks and he’s very good at it. His team won 1:0 [I seem to be a “lucky charm”, because whenever I went to see a game with my sister, they won!]
Dirk’s parents gave us a ride to the soccer game. Münster is about 1,5 to 2 hours from where we live [and yes, Dirk makes this commute almost every day! Insane!]. The drive back was so funny. Dirk’s Dad had some beers at the soccer game and we had to stop twice for him to use the restrooms! The first time when he got back to the car, he had bought muffins for all of us. The second time, he got each of us a café latte. The best café latte from a gas station that I’ve ever had ;)

I stayed at my sister’s place last night. We lay in bed, watched some TV and talked for quite a while. This morning we slept in and when we finally got up, Dirk’s Mom had put fresh rolls outside of the door. That was so nice.
I didn’t have a sleep over with my sister in a long time and I’ll definitely miss that.

  1. wow, that mom… without words… good thing you told her no though. i can’t believe a mom would so not be interested in truly making sure to help her son get better in school = make sure he studies and gets the tutoring he needs… people…

    the sleepover at nina’s sounds perfect. those chat-nights are the bestest! :)

    it was good talking to you and we’ll hear each other again before i leave! *smooch*

  2. The way people think that you exist solely to serve them never ceases to amaze me. I get that at work all the time. People look at me like I’m crazy when I say, “I’m right in the middle of something. Hang on one sec.” Crazy, indeed.

    I can’t wait until you (and Kim, too!) are on my continent (and in your case, on my same coastline!). Hurry! Or you know, take your time. I’ll be here. : )

  3. Some people have nervs….
    Apart from the frustration that Mom has caused you,it seems like you had a great weekend. Have fun tonight with Ilka! Lot’s of last times now, huh? 16 days…

  4. God what a friggin moron that lady is! I have no words for her. Is she american? Cause that sounds like a typical american mom thing to do ;-) The girls who ever been Nannys/AuPairs will probably agree with this.
    Good for you that you didnt let her guilt-trip you into tutoring him on monday!
    Hope you have a great time with Ilka!

  5. I’m so glad you stuck to your guns about not tutoring that kid. What a pain! He obviously doesn’t care about passing and his mom obviously doesn’t care about putting you out.

    Live sports are so fun to watch! Glad you had a good time.

  6. Oh boy… that Mom sounds exhausting. I hope you aren’t going there tonight! ;-)
    The socer game and the sleepover sound like so much fun!!! yay! :)

  7. that’s just plain rude. No wonder her son needs tutoring! Other than that, your weekend sounds fantastic :-)

  8. haha. that mom sounds like me. we could become friends.

  9. wow, that’s ridiculous! just because she is the one paying, doesn’t mean she can disregard your schedule and try to get everything her way… :/ some people.

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