Back in the US

I am back home after 3,5 wonderful weeks in Germany with my family. I think, this time it’s going to take a little longer for me to completely settle in again.
Saying goodbye to everyone – especially my niece – was incredibly hard. I don’t want to think about that I won’t see her for what it seems will be quite a while.
I had promised myself not to cry at the airport and told my sister – who usually starts it – to keep it together, but in the end, we both couldn’t hold back the tears.
I hate goodbyes. Simply hate them.

The transatlantic flight was ok. I had an aisle seat – very important! – but every single seat of the airplane was filled, which made for now extra space or comfort to sleep whatsoever. Those were some incredibly long 11 hours from Frankfurt to SFO. The fact that I had a cold didn’t make things better.
I felt really exhausted and weary when I got into SF. Fortunately, immigration was a breeze again and both of my bags made it in one piece. I had two more hours to kill for the connecting flight to Sacramento, which luckily was on time, and then I fell into bed at 9:30 p.m.
I slept 17 hours Saturday night and Sunday combined and then went to bed again at 10 p.m. last night and I think I outsmarted the jetlag. I woke up 2 minutes before my alarm went off this morning and I think I got a good start into the new work week.

It definitely doesnt hurt though that I’ll be looking forward to a four-day weekend!
I have Monday off! Thanks, Martin Luther King! ;)

  1. Glad that you made it back home safely.
    I can imagine that it was very hard to say Goodby again.
    Lucky you with having a day off.
    But I can’t complain, we have off on the 23rd and 30th due to a bad oder inflow.

  2. Grrr,… typing is bad today: of course it means “order” inflow.

  3. i’m so sorry the goodbye was bad :( i can imagine how hard it must have been to leave greta. take your time settling in back at home now and give me a call this long weekend, whenever works for you… *smooches*

  4. Oh Sweetie, I know how hard it is. As I said in another note, plan your next trip and then that will give you something to look forward to. Meanwhile get Nina to get a video cam for her computer so you guys can hookup and have Internet chats with Greta.
    Sending hugs!

  5. Welcome back honey! Saying goodbye sucks. Knowing you I’m sure you’ll be back over there really quicky though…
    Hope your cold is gone by now!!

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