Labor Day Weekend Recap

Hi guys, how was your Labor Day weekend? Ours was pretty low-key (overall). We didn’t really go anywhere and didn’t attend any BBQs (is that a  Labor Day thing? I saw a lot of advertisements for BBQ stuff before this weekend), but I since I get (most) Fridays off, I was lucky and got an extra-long four-day-weekend out of this holiday weekend. Sweet!

On Friday, we got all our errands out of the way. Grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and such. It’s nice to have it all ‘done’ before the weekend even officially starts. In the evening,  we made sandwiches and watched a couple of (recorded) episodes of “Adam ruins everything”. Have you heard of the show? Adam Conover debunks myths and misconceptions that most people take for facts in an educational, but funny way. J and I really enjoy the show.


On Saturday morning, I did an interval training run and dedicated my 7.5 miles to the #girlsruntheworld project. I am sure you have heard about the three recent acts of violence against female runners, haven’t you? Girls Run The World is a project that is supposed to raise awareness and send a message to the unknown perpetrators of recent violence against women runners that WE WILL NOT BE STOPPED. Everywhere, throughout their day on their daily runs, runners were wearing YELLOW to draw attention to our numbers, to our strength, to our courage, as we hit the streets in celebration of running and to remember Nicolette Brueger, Katrina Vetrano, Vanessa Marcotte and all the other strong, women runners who have faced violence or harassment on the streets.


So, I ran in yellow on Saturday (in the one yellow shirt that I own) for all the women runners out there. I am horrified about what happened to these women while they were doing something that they loved. Although I know these kinds of attacks are rare, I also know why I mostly run around the local park (yes, laps if you will) or at the gym. I just don’t feel safe running along the river or on other more remote running paths by myself.

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing laundry and finishing “Joyland” by Stephen King for the #Postal Bookclub. I am usually not a fan of Stephen King, because I always associate him with horror stories (which I am not a fan of), but I am so glad I gave this book a chance, because the story was so well-written and I loved the main character, Dev. A really good mystery story, if you are interested.


Saturday night, we got a large veggie pizza and sat outside on our deck for most of the evening. 

On Sunday, I had my usual phone calls with my family in the morning and then J made coffee and we had some breakfast. After writing some emails and reading some blogs, I got a second cup of coffee and then started a new book.

In the afternoon, I also did some baking. I made new pumpkin-seed granola, some nut bars, and these seeded spelt-rye rolls. I’ve made them a few times already and they have looked prettier before, but they still tasted great. There is nothing better than some freshly baked bread (give me all the good carbs!).


Monday, I ventured out to Ikea. I was a bit afraid that Labor Day would be a bad day to go, but it turned out that most people must have done their Labor Day Ikea shopping earlier that weekend. It was like any other day at Ikea – crowded, but totally manageable.

I walked through the showroom for about 2 hours (I love it. I know other people get stressed out by it, but I love the Ikea showroom maze and I always take my time and let my mind wander and get inspired). I usually have a list (or five) going where I mark down things that I consider purchasing or take notes on what I might be able to DIY. Sometimes I take pictures of the room setups.

I ended up buying a Kallax 16-cube shelf  for my craft room, the Ingolf bar stool for our kitchen counter, the Rundlig Serving bowl, the Luns Chalk/Magnet board that I had been eyeing for so long and the Ängstörel bedspread that just looked so lovely. I am under no illusion that I’ll be making our bed and using the bedspread every single day (although I wish I was that orderly), but whatever. I have a nice bedspread! We have visitors coming soon.

via @frametastic

After the Ikea shopping, I went to the gym to get my endurance run in (6 miles on the treadmill + a side of baseball. Don’t you love working out while watching sports? Me too!).


On my way home, I stopped at our local running store, because a) they had a weekend-long sidewalk sale going on, b) I had a $15 reward credit that I had to spend and c) I just love perusing the running store. I ended up buying two new pairs of running socks and a tube of Nuun tablets in a new flavor that I haven’t tried (which flavor is your favorite?)


How was your Labor Day weekend? What did you do?

Did you make a trip to Ikea? What are your favorite running socks?

  1. I haven’t heard of the show you guys watched – is it available on netflix by any chance? If so, we will have to check it out as it sounds like something Phil and I would enjoy.

    My Labor Day weekend was fun. We were up north at a lake resort Fri afternoon-Sun morning for a friend’s wedding, spent Sun afternoon/evening with Phil’s mom and then laid low on Monday. I was hoping that we could do something fun on Monday like go kayaking but I wasn’t feeling well so Phil asked me to just spend the day resting. I’m not always great at resting as there are so many other things I feel like I *should* be doing, so it was good for me to be asked/told to rest. I read Joyland for our postal book club and loved it! I hadn’t read any Stephen King as I thought all his books were horror so I as pleasantly surprised by that book! The last time I was at Ikea was when I moved in with Phil and I hope that I don’t have to go back there anytime soon as I am one of those people who HATES Ikea. There’s just too many people and I don’t like how you have to walk through the entire store! My favorite running socks are a brand called feetures.

    1. I don’t think the show is available on Netflix (yet?), but you can watch snippets on YouTube on the “College Humor” channel.

      Glad to hear you had a nice Labor Day weekend.
      I think I knew that you were one of the people that hate Ikea.. hehe.
      Thanks for the recommendation in re: to running socks!

  2. Hi there,  fellow German in Sactown (from Munich).  I just wanted to say I tried your german bread recipe this weekend and I loved it! It was nice to find something familiar and to hear someone else say that the food over here always has too much sugar ;) I also use sundays to call my family back home .. this week I told them I made my own bread and they were so impressed :) Thanks for making me look good haha.

  3. I need new running socks something FIERCE! Definitely need to do that this weekend.


  4. This sounds like so much fun, especially the running while watching baseball and the rye bread. Plus Joyland!!!

    1. Have you read the book?

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