Medieval Christmas Market

Last Sunday, we met my uncle in Köln for a stroll at the medieval Christmas Market. I had no idea that it existed and was very intrigued.

It was a very interesting market with people in medieval costumes and many different stands. We walked around, looked at all the different things that were offered and finally, when we were all cold, had some mulled wine and hot grape juice (for my sister) and J also tried the “Ritterspieß” (meat skewer) at one of the many food stands. We paid in “Thaler”, not in “Euro” :)
Greta spent the day with us, of course, and was very happy being carried around by her Mom.

Medieval Christmas Market

Later we went over to my uncle’s apartment, where my aunt had prepared “Kaiserschmarrn” while we were gone. We sat down at the beautifully decorated table and had a very nice afternoon.

Christmas afternoon


On Monday morning, I ran errands with my Mom and in the evening J and I went to Düsseldorf to walk on the Rhine and have some food at the Christmas Market in the “Altstadt”. We had “Reibekuchen” (potato pancakes) and later a waffle with hot cherries and whipped cream. Isn’t Christmas all about the food?? :)

On Tuesday, we hung out around the house. In the early evening, we went to Oberhausen to meet Sanni und Sebi, two of our friends, at the Christmas Market there. Even though there has been no snow, it’s been getting colder. Just perfect for a visit at the Christmas Market :) and there’s no better way to spend Christmas than surrounded by wonderful friends and family!

  1. yummy, kaiserschmarrn and reibekuchen!!!!!!!

  2. Yum! Kaiserschmarrn!!! Oh it’s been years since I have had that! I can almost taste it!
    Oh I would love to see little Greta, but understand your need for privacy. Give her a kiss from a far away, Cyber Auntie!

  3. Du warst in Oberhausen? Mensch, da hätten wir uns ja echt treffen können…bin doch gerade in Bochum! :-)

    Genieß die Zeit zuhause weiterhin!

  4. Hey Sweets – Merry Christmas, sounds like you and J are having a wondering Xmas with your family :-) Hope u r having a ball :-) Miss ya and loveya tonz xoxox Cathy ps – thank you for the lovely towel – it works brilliantly for my hair :-)

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