At the check-out

I went to TJ’s after work to pick up some chocolate and a bottle of wine to give to my co-workers for Christmas. When I walked up to the check-out, the following conversation unfolded.

Clerk: May I see proper documentation for the legal purchase of alcohol? (Translate: ID, please!)

Me: Yes, here you go!

C: (Looks once. Looks twice.) Oh. (Pause.) You know, you should get rid off your fake ID when you turn 21 and get a real one.

Me: Thanks for the advice. I guess, I need to do that then.

C: Oh, and also, you don’t have to make yourself older than 25 on your fake ID either.

Me: Really?

I walked out giggling. It always cracks me up when that happens.
I wonder how long I can get away with it.

  1. Hi hi. Gefällt mir. :-)

  2. dude, you’re like almost fourty aren’t you? :D j/k.
    that’s pretty funny. xoxoxo

  3. Hahahaha, well I’d take it as a compliment.

  4. what? so did he let you buy the booze or not?!

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