Update on my ‘baby’

My ‘baby’ aka notebook is still sick. I haven’t been able to fix the error with the Windows XP CD and the Dell people were NOT particularly helpful. Let me tell you. I was pissed. On Tuesday, I spent 2 hours online [on Jon’s computer] with two different Dell support people and all they suggested was that I should reinstall the operating system, but that of course would mean that I am going to lose all my data.

Of course, what was I thinking that they might possibly be able to help me fix my computer without wiping out the hard drive? Ts.

Funny thing is that by doing some research on the Internet and consulting some people in a tech forum, I was able to get help to at least! access my data and make a back up, before I do anything else.
Someone suggested to try and parallel install a second Windows XP OS in a different folder. That way I would still be able to see my documents and get them of the notebook. That’s what I did and he was right – my documents were all still there. Thank God!

I initially wanted to burn all my files on CD as a back up, but since the whole system seems to be rather unstable [I got the blue screen two times and had to reboot – a few times getting yet another error message], I decided to invest into an external hard drive to save my data, and to have a backup for the future as well.
I ordered it online, so it will hopefully get here next week and then I hope I’ll get my ‘baby’ completely up and running again.

Man, this whole thing really drained me this week. I was so worried, let alone antsy because I felt so disconnected from everything and everyone. Of course, I was still able to access my email and update on Jon’s computer, but it’s just not the same ;) if you know what I mean.

In other news, we finally have our own parking spot behind our apartment building! No more street parking, no more worrying about parking tickets, and no more parking three blocks away :) Our next door neighbor Felicia moved out at the end of January and as promised, we got her parking spot. This is a big relief!

And to entertain you yet again with another fun story of immigrating to a foreign country, Jon and I went to the Social Security Office [SSO] today, because I’d been here for over two months now and I still hadn’t received my new Social Security Card [SSC]. Both, the lady at the American Embassy in Frankfurt and the Immigration Officer at the port of entry had assured me that the new SSC with my new name would be automatically send to me.
As it turned out, this was a misinformation. Yeah, I mean why the hell would I believe the information I was provided with by TWO officials of the American Government in the first place, right?
Well, it wasn’t a big deal. I had to fill out a new application form and the card will be mailed to me within the next two weeks. I would just have liked to know that beforehand, because then I would have taken care of that weeks ago!

So, what’s new with you?

  1. Har har – thats funny. I mean sad funny. Ridiculus.
    Thats all what I have to say :-) – have to go to bed, nightshifts suck. Well, not much longer… Two more month to go.


  2. Oh man, what’s up with our computers lately? We had similar problems on Monday, it just wouldn’t boot up. So Jörgen is backing up our data now and he thinks everything you got done until now sounds good. I am really proud of you, I mean you’re able to fix your crashed computer all by yourself! Man, am I dependened on my man! And YAY for the parkingspot, I can so hear you on that!

  3. man, i’m so sorry and as you know i have almost the same “baby” now i’m worried, too. even though you already told me i should be fine. and i was thinking the same thing as antje. you weren’t only able to fix it all yourself but also in english which is awesome i think ;)

    btw, i tried to call you again last night several times but don’t even get the answering machine any more. what’s up with that? oh and i’m working on my “new home” right now so hopefully it’ll be up and running soon! :)


  4. Hmm maybe in the future you could add an extra partition d:/ so that windows is only in c:/ and you won’t lose your data if you have to reinstall windoof. That’s what I have but it still doesn’t save you if your harddrive crashes of course. Well, I’m glad you found some help online – long live tech geeks!

    Yay for the parking spot! :) Hope to see you back online from your lappy soon sweetie!

  5. Mensch, haettest Du doch einfach mal gefragt…haette Dir doch sagen koennen, wie das mit der SSN ablaeuft. Aber Du kannst ja auch ohne SSN anfangen zu arbeiten…solltest Du nun einen Job bekommen…es reicht, dass eine SSN beantragt wurde fuer Dich. Bei den meisten Arbeitgebern reicht es aus, wenn Du die SSN nachreichst.

    Naja…nu is sie ja auf den Weg. ;-)

    LG !!!

  6. did you ever find out what made your laptop crash in the first place? i can relate to how anxious you were, my computer is my brain, i would freak out if i lost all my data. glad you solved it! if i really do get my visa im going to have to start bothering you with questions soon. i have never lived in the US and dont know how anything woorks. i hope you will help me out when the time arrives :)

  7. What a pain!!! (both the computer and immigration issues) Hopefully February will clean all this up for you, and March will be smooth sailing!!

  8. Oh I hope everything works out with your laptop!
    I have read before that people checked that box for the SSC on the form, and were told it would be sent to them, and then they never got it. Why do they not update their employees on that?

  9. technical supports seem to be the same everywhere. good that you were able to save all your files. thats sooo good. that reminds me of doing a backup tonight;-) i hope i will hear soon from you again babes. and no comments on those immigration people:rollesyes:

  10. never mind my mail – it’s all up and running. wehee!

    it was SO GOOD to talk to you, sweets! big *smoochie*

  11. oh god. so sorry about your computer! thats annoying i give you that! good luck with the backup plan, jes. that ssc thing is so typical. good luck on that one as well. :-) send you a big kiss and hope you and your dell will be fine!!!

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