Another crush

I’ve watched a somewhat cheesy very romantic movie TWICE in the last 24 hours. I also cried several times throughout the movie. To speak in the movie lingo “I am a major weeper”.

Do you recognize what movie that line is from?

I’ll give you a hint. The title of the movie comes to mind very easily if you just think about a month ahead.

Oh, and while we’re at it,  can I change the last “current crush” that I had in my last but one post? (another hint)

Not that I don’t still have a little crush on Ryan Goseling, but I also now seriously have a crush on Jude Law, who was – I swear – never remotely attractive to me AT ALL. When he was elected the “sexiest man alive” in 2004 by People magazine, I was like “what the hell?”. Who elected him the sexiest man alive? This seemed  so wrong at the time.

Well, I changed my mind a little, at least for the time being :)

The sexiest man alive, of course, was, is and ever will be Joe McIntyre.
Any more questions?

Who do you think is sexy?

  1. I think you are sexy ;-). Oh and Richard Gere, George Clooney and all the hunks at my gym and firefighters. :)

  2. Ich erkenne das Zitat nicht, welcher Film war es denn jetzt? :-)

  3. Can I say??????

    And it was the probably best quote of him in the movie. I’m not a Diaz Fan and liked the Winslet/ Black combination much more.

    Sexiest man in the world… my man ;)

    In the celeb world….I vote for Josh Hartnett!

  4. that was a VERY cute movie. i agree. another major weeper movie i can recommend: “PS. i love you.” which also features my current major celeb crush jeffrey dean morgan. *drools*

  5. agree with Joe Mac but am becoming a Jon knight fan :-) ….. is it just me or does Ryan look like J? lol maybe its just me :-) but that might explain your crush :-) lol

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