Sleeping, watching movies and some shopping

That pretty much sums up my weekend. Sounds good, no?

We met with the German meetup group on Friday. It was only 5 of us, but we still had a great time. J got to speak more German than he has spoken with me in months. I know, there really is no excuse. We get lazy is all. It’s a shame. Hopefully, he’ll get a whole lot more practice in this group, because everybody seems very eager to converse in German and the native speakers among us are the valuable resource that they need to improve. It’s a perfect setup :)

We also watched a German movie later that night. “Mostly Martha” (German title: Bella Martha) with Martina Gedeck (who also starred in “The lives of others”). It’s amazing that movies that I haven’t even heard of before make it over here to the States . “Mostly Martha” is one of them – although it was a very good movie and it obviously was so popular in the US that it inspired a US version of it: “No Reservations” with Catherine-Zeta Jones. Wow, an American movie that was inspired by a German movie. Let that sink in for a minute…that, when more often than not every successful movie on the big screens seems to come from the US these days.

Anyone who wants to wallow in some German pride here with me for a minute? ;)

Then we went to Karaoke again this weekend. J seems to get a kick out of singing in front of people again and it gives us the opportunity to get out of the house. If that isn’t excuse enough ;)

On Sunday, I went grocery shopping on a somewhat unplanned shopping trip and found those beauties.

Love me some new red shoes :) 
Just couldn’t resist… I totally have a thing for red shoes and they seem comfortable. I needed some comfortable shoes that go with skirts and jeans and easily dress up a and down. Don’t you love them already?

And, how was your weekend?

  1. Love the shoes. I spent the weekend cooking and making jams, walking dogs and going to the movies with Hubby.
    How good is J’s German? Many years ago Hubby had a German girlfriend, but she had no desire to learn his English. Consequently he speaks German very well, and their relationship did not last.
    Oh well, lucky me!

  2. Super cute shoes! Every girl’s gotta have a pair of red shoes. My friends call mine my “Dorothy shoes,” which I love because when I was little I always wanted a pair of ruby slippers.

  3. It’s great to read how much J is enjoying singing in front of people! Hopefully everything will fall into place for him! And getting out of the house to the German meetup should also be great for both of you!

  4. aw, i love the shoes. TOTALLY my color and they should be comfortable with the wedge… 17 days baby!!! i can’t wait! *smooches*

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. I need to teach Collin some more German… he understands quite a few things but that’s about it. Oh, and he can order a “Doener mit Tomate und Kaese”. Hehe. Love the shoes, btw.

  6. ahhhh i love those shoes!!!
    haha das mit dem deutsch beibringen kann ich gut verstehen..versuche seit jahren türkisch von k zu lernen aber es ist soo hard, da man einfach nicht dabei bleibt.
    wow nur noch 16 days dann siehste deine family wieder. aufregend. vorallem da deine sis pregnant ist =)

  7. Those shoes are too cute! I didn’t know J is learning German, how is that going for him?
    Sounds like a fun and laid-back weekend, I enjoy those most!

  8. those shoes are really cute. gotta say that, since i have similar ones in white;-)
    i didn’t even know the movie nor the actress;-) but i am glad you guys had fun with the german group. but, i don’t blame u michael and i talk english most of the time. he only talks german with his kids or when he is here. at least;-)which comes along with a funny hessisch accent. lol

  9. do you speak german to jon when u guys are in germany? of course he speaks a lot of german with the people here, but we usually speak a lot of english with each other. his german is pretty good and he can watch german tv, he understands everything. but like u said sometimes it’s quicker to just speak english. although he adds a lot of german words when he is here.

  10. I like how you crossed out the grocery shopping. Haha. Glad you guys are doing well. Miss ya.

  11. i didnt know you had 3 feet!!! thats shocking!

    (sorry, couldnt resist the joke) LOL

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