the last days were just insanely busy. On Thursday, I went to my old office to meet with Gerald and pick up my recommendation letter. It was the first time since I left last summer to see Gerald again and it was a little bit awkward, but I tried to be pretty cool about the whole situation. Michelle was unfortunately not in the office, because she’s scuba diving somewhere (her new hobby ;)), but Gerald and Justin took me out to lunch at Strings Italian Café. Afterwards we went back to the office and Gerald showed me some stuff that he is working on. I must admit, it felt kind of weird to be in the office and not work there anymore :( Gerald expressed deep sadness that he won’t be able to try and hire me anymore – he seriously thought there would still be a way to hire me back. Apparently, he was also very surprised that Jon and I actually got married recently after I had told him last summer that I didn’t want to push marriage for visa purposes [but that was before he screwed up, so plans change!]

He and Justin had both got a wedding gift for Jon and me and Gerald wrote me a really nice recommendation letter. He also kept saying that he really hopes that he hasn’t seen the last of me and that he would instantly hire me back if things don’t work out in LA and we decide to move up north again – yaddah yaddah. Whatever. I don’t know how serious I can take him, but it was nice and he sincerely thanked me for all my good work (and I am still the co-author on one of the publications he’s working on ;))

In the afternoon, I went to the Outlets with Maria, because I wanted to look for some jeans. Of course, I didn’t find any that I liked and then we saw these cute shoes (actually in dark brown) that looked SO comfy, but I didn’t really want to buy shoes, so I didn’t.
We drove to the Mall later to check out “Claire’s” again for some more earrings (and I also ended up buying a pretty ring) and on the way home stopped at “Panera” to get some baguette.
Jon and I cooked chicken, Spätzle and salad for dinner and then we played some “grass” with Aaron and Maria.

Yesterday morning we went over to Aaron’s place for breakfast. He made quesadillas, an omlette and waffles with Strawberry topic [this breakfast was sooo American] and in the afternoon Maria and I drove to the Outlets in Vacaville again [to check out some boots that I had seen there two weeks ago, but of course they were gone :( ] and I bought two bras at Kohl’s for $30. This is such a bargain! I love shopping here :)
At 4 p.m. we met with Elcin in Davis at the “Konditorei”, an Austrian Bakery. We had a fun time together, although I had to break the news to her that Jon and I will be moving to LA and that I won’t return to Sacramento when I get my visa.
It kind of makes me sad, because I really hoped that Elcin and I would have some more time to get to know each other better. Well, we can always visit :)

me and Elcin

We got back to Sacramento around 6 p.m. and Jon and I spent the evening by ourselves, doing stuff around the apartment and watching some more X-files.

Today was superbusy as well. We got up early and went to Walgreens and got passport-photos taken for the visa application. They turned out terribly -we both look like criminals, but who cares ;) The girl at the store just took one (!) picture with a digital camera in front of a white background and she didn’t even show the photos to us to check if we were ok with them. Ah, it doesn’t really matter I guess.
Then we went to the bank, got our address changed there and did some shopping.
Back home I started getting the papers ready for the visa application and then went out to make copies of everything. On my way back I stopped at Nordstrom’s Rack quickly (because they usually have good deals on jeans and stuff) and actually found two (!) really cool pairs :) Of course that all took much longer than I had anticipated and I got home at 6:45 p.m., cooked dinner and then Jon and I had planned to start cleaning out the apartment and getting boxes ready as I won’t be able to help moving in two weeks. I am glad Aaron is moving down with Jon at the same time and can help him.

Oh, that reminds me: we’ve got the apartment!!! The guy called us yesterday to confirm. Jon was so excited [and I am excited, too, but also sad that it’s getting closer and closer to say good bye to Sacramento] There is only 1 more day left up here before I fly back home and next time when I come back, we’ll be living in LA *sigh* I think the whole situation is much harder and more emotional for me than for Jon. He’s just so excited to move down there – as for me, as much as I am looking forward to our new place and living in LA, I am sad to leave Northern California. I really liked it up here and will miss it so much :(