Weekend recap

I got my first pedicure ever (!) on Saturday. How can someone go without a pedicure for 32 years of their lives, you might ask?
Well, a) you must have grown up in Germany [because pedicures for teenagers and young women are definitely a pretty new invention over there – or am I wrong?] and b) you must have been too tight on money for too long to go “waste” it on a footbath and massage, followed by nail-clipping and coloring done by someone else but yourself. But it is, I have to say, quite the treat.
I couldn’t stop starring at my pretty french-polished feet [in sandals!] afterwards :) |

The rest of the weekend was not AS exciting as last weekend, but we still had a relaxing time.
We went out for breakfast yesterday. Breakfast in an overall pretty “liberally inclined” place. At the end of our breakfast, the waiter brought the check and also two jelly beans. He asked as to ‘cast our votes’ for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton at the door. McCain wasn’t even in the race there *ha!* There were two glass vases and many people before us had ‘cast their votes’ with jelly beans. It was kind of funny… because there were only blue, red and white ones. Would you have expected anything different?! ;)
The two vases were kind of equally filled with those colored jelly beans. Damn, I should have taken a picture. Where’s your camera when you need it, right?
We dropped in our “votes” and I left wondering “who do you think is going to make the nomination?”.

Oh, and did I mention: I already received my federal tax refund! It’s kind of convenient to do your taxes before the due date… before the IRS people are swamped with last-minute returns and won’t get to yours in a timely manner :)

  1. WHAT? You never had a pedicure before? I am glad you now you have. Isn’t that a nice treat?

  2. Have to admit: I never had a pedicure.
    Is it really that nice? Perhaps I have to think about it.

  3. OMG steffi, a predicure is THE SHIT! maybe not if you have to pay 30 euro (like here in germany) but for 20 bucks – go get one! NOW! it’s awesome. :)

  4. I would have to pay the Euros, I am in Germany too. :-)
    But perhaps I should try that. But not now, nobody can see my nice feet when it is still f***ing cold here.

  5. Okay I’m just not into letting anyone touch my feet, so forget the pedicure. But I love having my nails done and go tomorrow for just that!
    BTW: Check the blog out tomorrow. It’s a big day for us!

  6. lol. Oh i will never forget my first pedicure either. hehe. then I tried to take my mom cause like you said in Germany its not that common and she freaked and left the store. No one would ever touch her feet. :) So I saved $50.00 and got only mine done. hehe. love ya girl!!

  7. ive never had a pedicure either. but i want to try it. soon.

  8. I love pedicures! I get them May through September… I can justify $25 a month when I’m going to be wearing sandals! :)

    I keep going back and forth on Obama and Hillary. Every time I think I’ve decided I see another thing I like about the other one!

  9. I have never had a pedi either. Wanna do it some time sooner or later though… Hmmm!

    Nice that you got to vote even though it’s just with Jelly Beans :).

    Yay for the tax return! What are you using it for?


  10. I’ve never had one either. Maybe not for that much longer though…thinking about my flipflop feet in FL in about 2 months from now!

  11. I got my first pedicure in the USofA, too. :) Being 27 or so…
    Oh, are you finally gonna buy the Canon Baby with the tax refund now`?

  12. I have never had a pedicure either, but looking at the comments, I am not the only one. :)

  13. “I have never had a pedi either. Wanna do it some time sooner or later though… Hmmm!”

    Same here.

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