Visiting time…

wow, today was a busy day. I was gone for 12 hours straight… I had a lunch date with Ira to catch up on the latest news and we went to a Chinese Restaurant in town which has a nice buffet and we had soup, a main entree, ice cream and coffee :)
After that I had promised to go and visit my Granddad. I had called him last night to tell him that I wanted to come over and he was already pissed that I had visited my great-aunt on Sunday and hadn’t stopped by at his place. You see, it’s always some kind of competition between the two of them about who gets more attention (well, actually it’s only my Granddad who’s making a big deal about it) and the point is that I can talk and hang out much better with my great-aunt. We usually have coffee and talk about this and that. My Granddad is more difficult to talk to and usually we end up watching TV together, because neither of us has anything to say. It’s not like I don’t tell him what’s going on in my life, but he usually has some know-it-all advice and that just drives me up the walls. He rarely tries to be understanding for my situation and he’s still trying to persuade me to go into teaching. It’s just very exhausting to talk to him. Apparently, he wanted to be extra nice today and had prepared coffee and cake when I stopped by ;) and we actually ended up talking [most of the time] and watching some TV for over an hour … this is not bad, not bad at all :)
When I got back from there, I had promised to stop by at my aunt’s and we talked for about 2,5 hours and she updated me about her therapy and what’s going on in her life. And now I am exhausted from listening and talking so much today ;)
other than that, no news today…

  1. oh sannie, sounds like typical talks between granddads and granddaughters, at least I am used to that so much. when i am at “home” visiting my grandparents it’s mostly like my grandmother and me talking about all kinds of stuff (especially when i was younger and a little girl, cause my grandmother’d do anything to turn back time) and my granddad is watching tv or reading or whatever. we used to have a great relationship when i was younger than 13, as soon as I started to have an opinion that was the same as his, I was the “bad girl” ;-). so i ask him how life is going, he is asking the same, then we talk about the cat and then i talk to my grandmom. there isn’t really anything he would understand, he is mostly in his “own peaceful little world”. and there is such a think as competition between my grandmom (on father’s side) and my grandfather (on mother’s side), but here it’s my grandmom making the big deal of it ;-). … family :-D so yeah, i totally understand that listening and talking that much can be exhausting *g*, have a great wednesday. *hugs*

  2. sorry, meant “as soon as i started to have a different opinion”

  3. Yeah that’s how it is with my grandparents, too. I guess it’s normal, huh?
    Chinese sounds great! Wow you managed to eat a lot! The place in town here always serves soooo much that I’m nearly bursting every time. Oh wait, last time I had space for ice-cream, too! :-D Yummmy!
    How’s Jon doing? Missing you like crazy I bet?
    Lots of love!

  4. My granddad´s are dead already :-( So enjoy yours….but I know you´re a “family person” and do so.
    I glad you had a busy day that distracted you from thinking (I hope), at least for a while.
    {v} you

  5. all my grandparents are dead as well. i think the “last one” was my mom’s mom and she died when i was 7 or 8 so… but now i have C’s three grandmas he shares with me, so i’m pretty happy about that ;-)big, huge btw, maus {v}

  6. i don’t have a very deep relationship to my grandparents, at least not the ones that are still alive. they’re “oma and opa” and i love them, but we just don’t have deep talks or such. the relationship you have with your granddad resembles the one i have with my mom. i guess she tries to take the positions of mother and father at the same time, without seeing that i’m not the little kid anymore. hey, but that’s a longer story ;-)
    btw: where are the funny smileys?! *hugs*

  7. @ ellen: good questions… they’re gone they aren’t there anymore on your xanga either… what happened?

  8. it has something to do with the loading time of the smileys i guess.. (that’s what the FAQ page says)… you have to click “hug box not working?” and then it will…

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