SPF: Breast Cancer awareness month


Since it’s National Breast Cancer awareness month, Kristine has asked us to honor the girls… :) Ahem, yes… which could be easily done by showing the following:

1. Your Pot Holders (Oven Mits)

Your Pot Holders

Every girl needs pot holders [in the kitchen]… I think these are the ugliest pot holders I have ever seen. They were, in fact, the only ones I could find in my Mom’s kitchen. The thing is that my Mom is possibly the only woman who never uses pot holders in the first place. Yes, first of all she is the only woman that I know that can touch really hot pots and pans, but she also prefers to use kitchen towels if she really needs pot holders.

2. Your Pumpkins (or Melons)

Your Pumpkins

Pumpkins? Well, we’re not big into carving pumpkins here in Germany [although I have done it before!] and we don’t cook much with pumpkins either. So the only thing with pumpkins in the house I could find was my “fall stationary”. Isn’t it cute?

3. Something pink

Something pink - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Now finally something that Kristine wanted to see by putting up the assignment for this week… boobs. Since “pink” is the color of “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”, I thought it fitted… and I like this project by fd’s Flickr Toys. So ladies, take care of them.

Did you play? Let us know! Happy SP Friday everyone!

  1. nice boobs, girl;-) eventhough i know you hate buying bra’s…

  2. I put my boobs up and gave Breast Cancer Awareness Month a plug, too. ;)

    Good SPF.

    I played.

  3. Those are ugly pot holders, I must agree. I have a friend that only uses kitchen towels instead of pot holders. Makes me nervous that it is going to catch on fire on a gas stove though!

    Happy SPF and I played too!

  4. Cute stationery and lovely melons!!

    Happy SPF!

  5. nice pics and great boobs. ;) have wonderful weekend!

  6. great pics san…nicely done this week and cute placemats too :)

  7. As long as your pot holders are functional, who cares what they look like??!

    Thanks for stopping by mine :)

  8. Nice rack. OK, that’s enough boob comments from me!

    Those are some hilarious pot holders!!!!

  9. Nice boobages.

    I am so digging on that stationary.

  10. hehe. i can only agree, awesome boobs! :-) wonder when i will see them in person, hehe. dont let jon read that. :-)

  11. Happy SPF hun!

    Those potholders are funny! And youre a brave girl for showing your boobies on the big bad internet ;-) I wasnt quite so brave, but I played!!

  12. Great take on the theme. You got guts to post that pic too. Good for you.

  13. You’re brave, girl! :-) Good SPF. Thanks for stopping by mine.

  14. Great SPF! Ah, I’m jealos – my boobs will never look that great after 3 kids :)

  15. those potholders are indeed pretty ugly ;) but the boobage = nice. i wish mine were that pretty… :)

    this would have been fun but of couse i didn’t have time AGAIN. stupid life with all that’s going on *pouts*

    oh well, happy weekend! HDL *smooch*

  16. Hot boobies! haha. Ahem. Sorry. I had to compose myself just then. : ) Hey San, can I ask a question that I should probably know by now? Where do you live! I get so confused, but I think you are in Germany, moving at some point to the US? Right? Where in the US are you moving to, is also what I’m wondering. Anywhere close to Oregon/WA state? : ) smooches to you.

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