Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween everyone!

When I stepped out of the house this morning, it was dark and misty. Perfect Halloween weather :) I must admit that I am a wuss when it comes to scary things. Halloween is J’s favorite holiday, he loves watching scary movies and he takes particular joy in scarying the you-know-what out of me. I’ve yelled at him and cried several times when he had been going too far. I don’t enjoy scary movies, I can’t really read scary stories and I can definitely not stand any haunted houses or that sort of thing.

Apparently, Sacramento is a famous place for haunted houses and paranormal activity. There is an abandoned house, not far from where I live, that J and I passed on an evening walk sometime and we stopped because it looked so spooky.There was a huge fence around the house with a big lock on the front gate. When we returned home, I asked Kari about the house and she said that nobody has lived there for years and it is supposedly haunted. People claim that they have seen apparitions in the windows. Unfortunately, I can’t really find a good website about this house, but I swear I am not going anywhere near it tonight ;)

There is another house in our neighborhood that is completely decorated for Halloween. There are gravestones in the fenced front yard, fake spiderwebs all over the place, flickering lights in the windows and dramatic music is playing from hidden speakers. I think they have a Halloween event going on, because they offer tours through the house calling it “the best paranormal experience that you’ve ever had”. Ahm no, thanks.

I think we’re going to watch a movie tonight, have some dinner and stay under the blankets [at least I will :)]. We went to Blockbuster yesterday and J and Kari wanted to get “The Ring”. I was somewhat relieved that we didn’t think about renting it earlier, because it was already rented out! Pwww. I was not particularly looking forward to watching it [= which would probably have turned into me hiding behind a big pillow half of the time ;)]. We went home with “23”, which should be somewhat “disturbing”, but will hopefully let me sleep tonight.

Have a spooky Halloween – or, at least as spooky as YOU can handle.

  1. Happy Helloween to you! We had our share of scariness last Saturday and will probably do the same as you tonight: have some hot tea, watch a movie and stay under the blankets so that that cold finally goes away!
    PS: Love the pumpkins!!!

  2. man, that movie sounds scary to me [just watched the trailer] but i like it :) it’s definitely going on the list… i usually read suspense / thrillers in bed before i go to sleep and lots of people told me before they could never do that but somehow i don’t mind… although i don’t like it too scary either. have a happy and spooky halloween, sweets! *smoochie*

  3. Happy Halloween! I don’t like watching scary or horror movies at all!

  4. Happy Halloween, sweetpea! Those pumpkins are hillarious!
    I hope you were ok with sleeping after that movie.. Yikes!

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