Where did the week go?

Damn. This week went by fast. We had a couple of interesting things going on at work and that always seems to make time go by faster. We had a meeting with the Regional Director of the USGS on Wednesday and she talked about the realignment of the leadership teams and scientific visions for the future. Since I had been contemplating beforehand if I should go to this meeting or not, I am really glad that I went. It’s always nice to meet the “big shots” in person and realize that there are, after all, just people! ;)

Now it’s Saturday – the second day of a four-day weekend for me. It feels like a mini-vacation and I kind of regret that I didn’t plan anything special with J [like, hopping on a plane for a 72-hour trip to Bremen to attend Kim‘s and C’s birthday party :)], not only but also it was Valentine’s Day this week.
But to be honest, neither I nor J particularly care about V-Day [although we did go out for dinner! Sushi at Miyagi‘s! YUM!] and we don’t need to go places to enjoy our time together ;)

Besides, I had also already made some beauty-appointments for this weekend. I went to the hair salon yesterday with the result that you can see here and I got a manicure today. Girl time!! :)

Now it’s 6 p.m. and we are getting ready to order pizza and watch a movie. We also have two discs of X-files, season 4, waiting for us, so we’re pretty much set for the night. Sounds like a perfect Saturday to me!

  1. I love your new cut! I head to the salon on Tuesday and hopefully I get a good cut too. Apparently my stylist is away for surgery (!!) right now, so I’m seeing someone else. Yikes!

    We don’t put much value in Valentine’s day either, but J still bought me flowers (much to my surprise!) and we had a nice dinner of shrimp. Yum!

    Working with people who are higher up in an organization is always good. You’re right, it’s important to understand that they’re people too. Right?

  2. Love the new haircut and love the new design on the site! (When did you do this? Or is the back medication making me hallucinate?)
    The week went very slowly for me, due to the pain. I think everything goes into slow motion when you’re not feeling well.

  3. i think you should have hopped on a plane for that spontaneous trip. we missed you guys last night… and i had off on friday as well. and i actually thought about calling you but figured you’d be busy at work. doof me ;) well, we’ll manage to chat again soon i hope. maybe even tonight? big smooch, sweety! :)

  4. I love your hair! And I got a manicure on Saturday as well. I usually treat myself every weekend… :) I didn’t go to my usual place though and i just realized a piece chipped off already. :( Oh well, I’ll try to fix it myself! ;)

  5. wow beautiful haircut!!! i need one badly too…hehe. looks really good sweetie!!! and hey nothing wrong with pizza and staying at home right? love ya!!!

  6. hey sweets, i am sure it is interesting to meet the big shots and it’s always good to attend at good meetings, right? since there are so many useless ones.im glad you had some yummie vday dinner with your hubby:-)

  7. Sounds like a good weekend anyway!
    Love your new layout Sweetie! Pretty!

  8. maia… thanks. i hope you got a nice new haircut, too :)

    maribeth… glad you like the new layout. i just tweaked it a little bit ;)

    kim let’s talk sunday!!

    maren thanks, maren.

    ute… yeah, i needed my haircut badly as well. hehe.

    ilka… yeah, meeting new people in the department is great. making connections, you know ;)

    sanna… thanks hun.

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