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To be honest, I’ve never been much of a gamer. My sister and I never had a computer of our own when we still lived with my parents and we definitely did not own any computer games or game consoles. Occasionally we would be exposed to video games at our friends’ houses and it was fun to play for a couple of hours, but it was never something that we were really interested enough in to go so far as to save up for our own gaming system.

Now, having said that, J grew up with computer games and he still owns the original Super Nintendo (which is like 20 years old, mind you!)… whiiiiich we might or might not have dug out from the depth of our closet last weekend. So besides a little bit of Black Friday and weekend shopping, we spent the rest of the weekend playing Super Mario World. Haha!

This is, I am pretty sure, just a very temporary thing, but as of right now, I am TOTALLY STOKED about this silly game!

  1. heh, fun. i remember playing that on friend’s gameboys some times. never owned one myself either :)
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  2. Ohhhhh, my goodness!!! I used to LOVE Super Mario Brothers!!!!! I only had Nintendo for all of a month when I was growing up, but still. That one month had me hooked. Big time.

  3. Sooooo fun!! I <3 old video games!
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  4. Oh, how I loved Super Mario World! I am envious that you were able to bring J’s back to life. Thanks for triggering some very fond memories :)

  5. I remember that Super Nintendo- made my Atari 2600 look ancient.

  6. Oh my gosh! I love that game! I used to play it all the time!!!

  7. We have a Super Nintendo as well and bust it out every time around Christmas. :) I love playing the old version of Super Mario although the Wii version is awesome too.
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  8. Ha! I love that you’re a retro gamer. I still have my original Ninetendo hooked up and play super mario brothers 3 every once in a while. There’s just something to classic about. I’ve been thinking about buying a Wii but I haven’t broken down and bought one just yet.

  9. Super Mario Brothers is amazing! My dad still has an original Nintendo and I used to spend HOURS playing Mario on that thing.
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  10. Haha I never played video games when I was younger either, unless I was at a friend’s house… but my boyfriend hooked his n64 up & we would play Mario Kart together. I’m SO bad at video games!! Haha.

    Now we have a Wii and I’m preeeeeeeetty awesome at Rock Band!
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